With the fast growth of the Internet, more and more people switch to selling products online. As such, the competition has become harder and harder than ever. This leads to an unpleasant situation many have to face: The cost you have to bear is higher but the profit is lower every day. 

Therefore, the biggest problem you need to solve every day is how to make more people buy from you. 

Well, the answer is a sales funnel. 

Russell Brunson, who has been in the field for so long, has published an array of books for those who want to improve conversions and grow their business using a sales funnel. Let’s find out more about these 5 books and how they can be used to help you solve your problems. 

About Author – Russell Brunson 

Russell has worked in the field for more than 10 years. During this time, he has launched lots of products and written so many books that are widely known in the field. He has built his reputation as a sales funnel expert. And you would be very surprised to know that Russell is also CEO and co-founder of Clickfunnels. Let check out this video about him:

Enough about the author! Let’s find out more about the books! 

Top 5 books of Russell that I want to show you today are: 

Now let’s get into the detail! 

108 Proven Split Test Winners

This is one of the best books you should not miss out! Split testing is Russell’s motto, which is why he has created this book to show you how to create split testing to get the best results on your landing page. 

If you have found yourself trying to hard to create a landing page, yet nothing exceeds your expectations, then this book is for you. Inside the book are these topics: 

  • The evolution of an offer 
  • Backend test 
  • Conversion test
  • Traffic test 
  • How to create a winning formula 
  • Trial closes: how to improve dollars per lead 
  • Instruction videos

Expert Secrets 

Next up, Expert Secrets is another book that you should not miss out on. Russell has spent up to 10 years to discover so many different methods. After going through lots of trials and errors, he gathers everything he has learned to write this book. 

This is, indeed, a shortcut for those who are struggling with implementing stuff. With all the instructions inside this book, you will be able to build a structure, create a product, tell a story and finally, build sales funnels. 

To be more specific, Expert Secrets helps you: 

  • Become clear on what you need to do to grow your business. 
  • Become an expert in your field 
  • Be very excellent in telling stories 

If one of the above things are what you are looking for, then grab the book right away and see how it changes your life! 

Expert Secrets Book (NEW)

Dotcom Secrets 

The next book on the list is one about sales funnels. The book will help you to find answers to these questions: 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Where to find them?
  • How to build a sales funnel 
  • How to write scripts for sales funnels 
  • How to write email sequences 
  • How to drive traffic to your sales funnels

And so many more! 

The best part about Dotcom Secrets is that it shows you the who, what, why and how to do things, not just giving step-by-step yet vague guidelines that anyone can follow without understanding why. 

To sum up, Dotcom Secrets helps you find an easy way to: 

  • Drive more traffic to your website 
  • Boost conversion rate effectively 

DotComSecrets Book (New)

Funnel Hacker Cookbook 

Expert Secrets can help you with spreading your messages wide and clear. But you still need Funnel Hacker Cookbook to understand how the sales funnel works as well as how to send follow-up emails and boost traffic to deliver results. 

Just like that, Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets give you an overview of how things work, what type of funnels you should use, how to write a copy and connect with your customers. but these are just ideas on paper. You need to execute to deliver real results. 

The next step for you to do to make your ideas come true is to build a landing page. Most people have problems with: 

  • Build a page structure 
  • Choose colors 
  • Coding 

This Funnel Hacker Cookbook helps you find the answer to how to deal with three problems above. Want to know how? Grab it right away to find out! 

Marketing Secrets Blackbook 

The last book I want to show you is called Marketing Secrets Blackbook. Inside the book is 99 secrets that Russell has gathered along the way when he just established his company and still struggled to put it to the map.

After struggling with all the ups and downs, now, Russell has successfully grown his company to an extent that even experts in the field are astounding of his achievements. 

In this book, you will see all the costly mistakes, the learning curves that he has dealt with during the process as well as how to do testing to make sure you have the best elements.  


Let’s Wrap It Up, 

Those 5 books are not just regular books. They are secrets and experience that Russell has collected which will help you along the way. So, instead of facing the same mistake, why not learn from the best and be better? 

I highly recommend you paying attention to every detail in the 5 above books to make sure you completely understand his method as well as his way of thinking. With all of these instructions, success will just be a matter of time. 

Goodbye, and good luck with your business!

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