9 Superb Tools Outstandingly Replacing Unbounce In 2020

Why Do You Need Substitutions For Unbounce?

Who can deny the crucial role of the landing page in the process of developing a business? Evidently, the more well-designed a landing page is, the more progress you can make to your business. Why? Because customers tend to glue their eyes on attractive landing pages, which help you to captivate their attention at ease. 

Of course, there are loads of tools giving you a helping hand to finish building a landing page effectively. And Unbounce is one of them. Unbounce was launched in 2009 and since this time it has put a great impression on online marketers and online business owners. It admittedly satisfies users’ requirements and brings profitable benefits to them. 

However, as far as you know, it is more than a decade since Unbounce’s inception. And the marketing field has continuously been innovated during the time, which changes the requirements of customers on the design of landing pages. The fact is that customers will get bored-to-death when reading landing pages with the same design or content for a long time. 

That’s why Unbounce, coming with its outdated techniques, is no longer appropriate in the modern process of building landing pages. The procedure needed to adapt top-notch tools that make your landing pages more creative and help to feast your customers’ eyes on them.

All things combined, it is quite clear if you are on the way to seek novel tools to simplify the process of designing landing pages in this modern era, my article will guide you on the right track!

Best Replacers Of Unbounce in 2020

To the best of my knowledge, this following collection of landing page tools which are launched recently will keep you updated with the latest trends of landing pages. 

#1. Instapage 

insta page signup

  • What Is It?

When it comes to designing landing pages, it is a big mistake if we don’t mention Instapage, the most prominent software that should not be missed in the process of generating landing pages. Of course, it will offer all features given by Unbounce and more than that. 

  • Highlight Features

  • Powerful landing pages

   This excellent software will offer you everything you need to build a powerful  responsive mobile-optimized landing pages. Plus, it also employs the benefits of AMP framework which you can use to produce and examine A/B landing pages. There are only a few of numerous other tools out there that can offer this feature. 

  • Gorgeous customizable templates

This incredible tool also provides you with stunning landing page templates that can boost your process. These templates are highly customizable so that you can make them fulfill your goal in marketing

Plus, once using it, you will have a chance to access an effective set of marketing methods supported by Google AMP, which aids you to browse the Internet smoothly. 

  • Price 

You can use Instapage after paying $79 per month. Another option is that you can get it with one-time payment of $69. 

  • Advantages 
  • High-converting landing pages
  • Integrate with Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Ads through a few simple steps
  • Customizable templates
  • Enter the market in a flash through visual collaboration
  • Disadvantages
  • The hectic procedure of changing interface between desktop and mobile phone. It aims to guarantee you have the best experience with any kind of device.
  • An affordable price for newbies. 

instapage signup

#2. Kartra 

  • What Is It?

Kartra is a comprehensive tool-suite that facilitates the operation of the marketing system, so you should grab it to make everything easier when running your business. 

Well, Kartra was created in 2018 and at that time, it obtained positive comments and support from online marketers and service providers. Thus, it is worth being ranked second in the list of the most awesome Unbounce alternatives.

  • Highlight Features

Thanks to this tool’s fantastic properties, you will be able to master loads of marketing factors such as checkout pages, sales page creation, upsell and downsell, web hosting, calendar and so on. 

In addition to that, it also lets you make use of up to hundreds of page templates that you can make changes to as you wish. Personally, I benefit much from other fabulous features offered by this tool. For example: 

  • Emails
  • Video hosting
  • Campaigns and funnels
  • Memberships
  • Helpdesk
  • Price 

Kartra presents you 4 choices, one of which you can pick based on your requirements and business scale. More interestingly, you can experience it within 14 days by paying only $1.

The price of this software will vary from $99 for the Starter plan per month and $499 for the Platinum Plan per month. Of course, you will definitely get what you pay! For the less expensive plan, there will be a limitation to their features and the most expensive one will let you exploit all of its cool features.

  • Advantages 

  • Built-in rich marketing-marketing features (Helpdesk, Calendar)
  • Great assistance in organizing courses and recruiting affiliates
  • Video-hosting support allows you to host excellent videos
  • Get a 25% discount if you pay annually
  • Help you join the group of high-profile marketers and funnel builders
  • Disadvantages

  • Technical skills required
  • The price is a big deal for small business owners and marketing newbies
  • $1 required to pay for trial use 

#3. ClickFunnels

  • What Is It?

Clickfunnels is highly beneficial to the majority of online marketers and business owners due to its tangible benefits. It functions as a super simple page builder that not only saves your time but also skyrockets your marketing system. Thus, if you want to relax while running your business, get this tool right now.

  • Highlight Features

  • Control various marketing features:

If Unbounce just only assists you in creating landing pages, ClickFunnel not only helps you finish the process in seconds but shows you how to organize the whole business on a single platform. 

Also, it lets you achieve more knowledge and experience in affiliate management, email automation, hosting courses, upsells and downsells.

  • Detailed instructional training

This fancy feature of ClickFunnel creates a wide range of marketing resources and in-depth training for you to boost your marketing skills. Apart from it, there will be a series of high-quality videos which pave the way for your sales process given to you. 

This feature is not included in Unbounce, so that’s why ClickFunnel will be a better option for you.

  • Price 

This down-to-the-earth tool lets you experience it through two plans at different prices. You will use the Startup plan after paying $97 per month and the Platinum plan if you pay $297

The most captivating thing is that you will be able to take advantage of it within a 14-day trial before buying it.

  • Advantages 

  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Step-by-step training program through well-organized videos
  • Endless funnels and email offered by the Platinum plan
  • Free courses and training on selling and marketing
  • Available trial use
  • Profitable leads generation
  • Disadvantages

  • Limited features offered by the Startup plan
  • Unaffordable price for newbies

ClickFunnels signup free

#4. Leadpages

  • What Is It?

Leadpages is a top platform that was hunted by small business owners due to its affordable price and up-to-the-minute features. Furthermore, not only does it completely finish all things from setting up unlimited compelling landing pages for you, but also creates wonderful experience in managing the entire marketing system

  • Highlight Features

  • More than 200 templates

If you are too lazy to carry out the process of building pages, this tool will please you thanks to 200 read-to-use templates. Plus, you can edit them so that it effectively serves your purposes. 

  • Simple to use

You can operate it without intensive knowledge or high-level computing skills because it will operate well through an easy-peasy interface and simple manipulation.

  • Endless traffic and leads

The process of grabbing leads or traffic will be straightforward when you invest in Leadpages. Thus, just save your time for relaxation while still keeping your number of profitable customers soaring.

  • Price 

There are 3 plans included in the policy of Leadpages and you will be able to give each a try for free during a 14-day trial. They are Standard, Pro and Advanced which are sold at $25 per month, $48 per month, $199 per month respectively.

  • Advantages 

  • Newbie-friendly 
  • Strong support for hosting pages on WordPress site.
  • Affordable for all newbies and business owners
  • Disadvantages

  • Limits to features on each plan offered
  • Sharing landing page template is not allowed
  • Design and organize courses and memberships is not supported 

#5. GetResponse

  • What Is It?

Getresponse is designed to be an advanced email marketing platform that is profitable to your business marketer. There is a huge number of marketers and online sellers using it to benefit their work, rolling the money to their pocket constantly. 

  • Highlight Features

  • Cutting-edge email marketing, autoresponders

GetResponder dismisses all of the difficulties in your process of marketing through emails by offering you modern email marketing and autoresponders. No more time and money wasting, let’s sit back and enjoy your procedure.

  • Attractive landing pages and content creation

On the one hand, this platform allows you to produce remarkable landing pages as Unbounce does. On the other hand, you can also leverage your procedure of creating content. Thus, you can attain more creative ideas for your content and attract customers’ attraction without breaking your neck.

  • Price 

The basic model of Getresponse is only priced at $15. It is not a big deal, right? Hence, no matter who you are, you can get it effortlessly.

  • Advantages 

  • Reasonable price for newbies
  • Massive and continuous traffic
  • Multiple functions
  • Friendly-user
  • Disadvantages

  • Unavailable responsive data capture forms  

#6: Elementor

  • What Is It?

Elementor is a better substitute for Unbounce when functioning as a high-end online WordPress page builder. Additionally, it also gives you an all-in-one solution so that you can manage everything related to building a website. 

  • Highlight Features

  • Build websites in a flash

 This tool levels up the performance of the website-building procedure, which makes you achieve your desirable website in the blink of an eye. Obviously, a jaw-dropping website will draw immense attention to your business and then getting tons of potential clients is no longer a dream!

  • Excellently combined with WordPress

When being combined with WordPress, this tool will become an irresistible landing page builder and these pages will be hosted by WordPress website. However, you must equip your device with WordPress, otherwise Elementor can not help you design landing pages.

  • Price 

Surprisingly, you can utilise a free model of Elementor with valuable features.

Another choice is that you can deploy three plans with extra features. The first is the Personal plan cost at $49/month, the next is the Plus plan priced at $99 and the last is the Expert plan at $199. 

  • Advantages 

  • Completely manage WordPress site when hosting pages
  • Suitable for those with a limited budget
  • Boost Search Engine Optimization
  • Disadvantages

  • Limited marketing-oriented features
  • Building sales funnel is not allowed
  • Additional payment for extra functions
  • Basic knowledge and techniques required 

#7: Convertri

  • What Is It?

If you are strenuously handling slow-loading sales pages, it will be the smartest choice ever when buying Convertri. It will help to solve this problem in a few minutes. What is more, it can be integrated with many other tools such as Infusionsoft, Webinarjeo and so on to offer more features and benefits.

  • Highlight Features

  • The fastest landing pages ever

You might be surprised at the performance of landing pages when they were leveraged by Convertri. These pages will bring pleasure to your customers; as a result, they definitely visit your page over and over again and are encouraged to buy your products or services.

  • Second-to-none sales funnels

This feature lets you perfect your selling process and gain more money continuously. Hence, forget all troubles caused by low sales, it is time for you to implement this feature to facilitate your process.

  • Price 

You can opt for one of three plans provided by Convertri. You will pay $53 for utilizing the Convertri Standard, $58 for Convertri Pro, $166 for Convertri Agency. 

  • Advantages 

  • Super easy to utilize
  • Superfast-loading pages
  • Can integrate with tons of tools to optimize the effectiveness
  • Available enthusiastic support team
  • Improve your platform significantly
  • Disadvantages

  • Unsuitable for big enterprises
  • Limited features when dealing with traffic and pages 

#8. ThriveThemes 

  • What Is It?

Want to convert your innovative ideas into pages but don’t know how? ThriveThemes will enlighten your work. Like Unbounce, you can use this unique tool for producing landing pages. Moreover, this tool also gives you a helping hand in both building home pages and sales pages and formatting blog posts on the base of WordPress. 

  • Highlight Features

  • Incredible ideas’ transformation into good-looking pages

   With awesome features, this tool enables you to set up numerous kinds of pages such as home pages, webinar pages, product launch pages and many more that gain you money from your target clients.

  • Drag and drop dashboard:

You need to do nothing but a few clicks when operating this tool, so no more worry about how to effectively run it. Actually, this tool will do all of the troubling stages for you and you just need to complete the rest of the effortless phases.

  • Price 

The expense for making use of ThriveThemes is $67. With this payment, you can take full advantage of it for your whole life. 

Apart from this, you can get ThriveThemes membership by paying $19 per month.

  • Advantages 

  • Affordable price 
  • Completely manage pages on WordPress
  • Beginner-friendly
  • SEO leverage
  • One-time payment for long-term use
  • Disadvantages

  • WordPress site installation required
  • Your own domain required
  • A great number of plugin required to host webinars

#9. Divi Builder 

  • What Is It?

Crave for fast landing pages and a complete website? Let’s consider the benefits of Divi Builder right now! Everything related to building websites and designing pages is by far simpler thanks to this tool’s functionalities. Plus, this state-of-the-art tool is highly beneficial for freelancers, agency owners and website owners who are keen on increasing their income when using it.

  • Highlight Features

  • Effortless different marketing factors creation

        Divi builder allows you to generate a wide range of marketing factors such as websites, online portfolios, blogs, pages and many more. What is more, you can successfully design WooCommerce websites by using this tool. Thus, its various functions make it a big pity for you if you miss it. 

  • Save and manage your designs

Aside from page creation, Divi Builder satisfies your demand for controlling these designs. Also, you can reuse your design for other purposes as you want.

  • Price 

What you need to do to experience Divi Builder is sign up to be a member of Elegent Theme that is priced at $89 annually and $259 for life-time use.

  • Advantages 

  • An inexpensive Unbounce competitor
  • SEO-friendly pages
  • Simple-to-use
  • Multiple functions
  • Disadvantages

  • Cannot host webinars or courses

What are my choices?

Obviously, there are many factors that influence your choices such as your budget or your type of business. If you have difficulties in making up your mind, just take a look at the below table that I personally set up based on my knowledge and experience:

If you want to… The most suitable tools are.. 
Operate the marketing system or SaaS companies  Instapage
Get the cheapest price Leadpages, GetResponse or Convertri
Experience more extra features  ClickFunnels, Kartra or Divi Builder
Effectively integrate with WordPress site Elementor or ThriveThemes


My article has just recommended 9 first-rate landing page tools that can be the best alternatives to Unbounce. Each of them will extraordinarily fulfill its missions to remove all of the stumbling blocks from your path and help you maximize your profits.

Well, my article does not only get you to know the collection of various tools that can best replace Unbounce but also guides you to settle with your most appropriate one.

Now that you know there are 9 outstanding tools that will offer you all of the things like Unbounce and even more, what are you waiting for? Let’s note them down and consider which is the best choice for you right now if you want to make a breakthrough for your business.

Lastly, I hope that you will find my article useful. Thank you for reading my article, see you next time!


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