AI Video Creator Review – A High-tech Solution for the Inexperienced


It is undeniable that videos have been a must-have when it comes to composing online content. Videos convey messages in a much clearer way than text and image alone. That explains why Facebook, YouTube, and Google prioritize posts with well-designed videos.

That fact has literally pushed marketers to increase the use of videos in their campaigns. This is where the problem arises. Not all of us know how to create a basic video, much less a decent video. So, what do we do now? Spending days to learn how to master creating videos?

No need to. AI Video Creator is the exact solution for those who are struggling with video creation. It saves time, energy and effort. Why don’t you keep reading this AI Video Creator Review and find out what it can bring to you?

AI Video Creator Review – Overview

Vendor Chris X
Product AI Video Titan
Launch date 2018 – Oct – 16
Launch time 11:00 EDT
Front-end Price $17
Recommend Highly Recommended
Bonus yesCHECK NOW
Niche Video
Refund 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее

What Is It?

AI Video Creator is an innovative solution for marketers to gain free traffic and e-Commerce advantages. The great thing about it is that AI Video Creator combines many different tools you ever need for video creation.

Instead of hiring freelancers, now you can create your own motion graphics videos within SECONDS.

Perhaps describing AI Video Creator in this way does not show you how potential this tool is. In fact, AI Video Creator gives everything you need to dominate on video-based social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Instead of spending days struggling with video-creating tools, why not choose a much simpler solution – AI Video Creator?

About the Author – Chris X

Some of you may have heard of Chris X, right? He is an affiliate marketer who has a very sharp expertise in video creation. He has launched a bunch of video-related software such as Video Titan, Video Titan 3.0, Social Titan and some more.

AI Video Creator is his biggest project this year, which is why I am so excited. Learning from the best person is the best way to grow, right?

What Are Special about AI Video Creator?

In this short part of the AI Video Creator Review, we are going to look into the features of AI Video Creator. Let’s start right now!

    • Premade videos that cover many different niches
    • 12 top making money online methods that have been used by experts
    • For each video, there would be 3 audio files that have been recorded by UK artists
    • Premade graphics so you can use right away without wasting any time
    • Fully customizable and newbie friendly
  • Video renders and legal rights to use and post those videos on social media

And that is not all! In order to help newbies understand exactly what to do and why should do it, the vendor has added a series of training videos along with the package. I suggest you start checking these training videos before going into details. It will help navigate what you are getting into.

AI Video Creator Review

AI Video Creator Review – How Does It Work?

Here is how it works!

Step 1: Customize your video with free tracks and stock images

Step 2: Choose a method and a niche you are interested in.

Step 3: Choose a template that fits your niche. Everything has been prepared for you.

Step 4: Add a voice-over to attract more audiences

Step 5: Render. This is where the graphics come in. Choose from a bunch of graphics animation and personalize it. Now everything you need for a complete campaign has been 90% loaded.

Who Should Use It?

As you can guess, AI Video Creator does not require any level of skills or knowledge. All you need is basic computer skills to add things to your videos. As AI Video Creator can work on many different devices such as PCs, mobile phones, Macs, and tablets, there is literally no limit for those who want to try it. So why not try it now and leverage your content?

Can you imagine the results you’d get with REAL life pro videos?.It’s possible to DOMINATE & create profitable videos for ANY product, website or affiliate program…

That is, if YOU make the switch to REAL pro videos like me!.Let me show you the rock-solid proof that’s possible…

Pros and Cons


  • Newbie friendly
  • Save time and money
  • Flexible


  • Not suitable for advanced marketing videos

Evaluation and Price

Apart from all the details I have presented in other parts of the AI Video Creator Review, I guess there is one thing you may want to know – evaluation. To be honest, AI Video Creator is an amazing tool. It allows the inexperienced, even newbies to start creating videos in a blink of an eye.

However, I hope the vendor will soon bring out more advanced animation as well as high-quality stock images that can be added to videos. It would bring the results to a whole new level.

And now comes the price. AI Video Creator the front-end version is sold at $17 – much cheaper than when you hire freelancers or to buy high-end video-creating tools.


AI Video Creator would be a great go-to solution for those who are limited by budgetary concerns or skills. Save time, save money for better results, who does not want it?

Besides, the vendor offers a very satisfying supporting service that helps you when in need. If in the middle of the process you have some sort of problems, then just contact them and wait.

If unfortunately, there is nothing they can do for you, then you can have a full refund without any further question. Please be advised that this policy is valid during the first 30 days.

Thanks for reading my AI Video Creator Review. Hope it helps you grow your business tremendously. Goodbye!

AI Video Creator Review

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