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Being able to create high-quality videos is perhaps one of the most important factors that decide how much you can earn from the business. For that reason, many marketers have spent a huge sum of bucks on animations and effects in the hope that their messages can be clearly expressed to the audiences.

But there is one factor that most marketers neglect: the quality of videos’ audio. Does your video sound good enough? Just like animations and effects, audio helps express the ideas with great certainty and confidence.

I know what you are thinking. Products that improve video visual effects are various, but products for audio are actually not that easy to find.

Introducing Audio Video Mastery Review!

This is where you can learn everything there is to know about audio improvement. It also comes with real examples so that anyone can follow and get real results. Audio Video Mastery is a product for all levels, including newbies.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Why not start reading my review now?

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Audio Video Mastery Review – Overview

Vendor Athanasios Hatzikirkou
Product Audio Video Mastery
Launch Date 2018-Apr-24
Launch Time 9:00 EDT
Price $7
Niche Video
Refund 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended
Bonus yes, CHECK NOW

What Is It?

Audio Video Mastery is a training which gives a clear clue of what you should do to improve the quality of your videos in terms of audio. It is easy to use, fast and most importantly, it can turn traffic into tons of sales before you know it.

About the Creator – Athanasios Hatzikirhou

Perhaps lots of you have not heard of him before, because I used to feel the same. The reason explaining for this is that Athanasios started as a marketer until recently did he decided to switch to launching products. Before Audio Video Mastery, Athanasios used to launch Daily List Profits which remained one of the best-selling products at that time.

Now, if you are curious about what is inside the course, let’s jump into the next part of the Audio Video Mastery Review to find out!

Feature Details

Audio Video Mastery comes in many different versions as follows:


This version includes 10 video modules providing everything you should pay attention to in order to create professional videos in terms of audio and visual effects.

Downsell 1:

As the front-end version but it does not include bonuses, unfortunately.

OTO 1:

This version includes 30 SFX sound Fx, 7 animations colored, 7 animations black and white, and 10 social media animations. All of which are exclusively custom-made.

Also in the package is a branding kit including logo, YouTube channel cover, Facebook cover, Thumbnail, YouTube End Screen, Lower Third and 10 royalty free music tracks.

Downsell 2:

Similar to the OTO 1 except the 10 royalty free music tracks.

OTO 2:

This package includes 6-week workshop and 6-week one-on-one coaching video email support.

Downsell 3:

  • 4-week workshop

Downsell 4:

  • 4-week webinar replay

What makes this product different from the rest lies in the examples and case studies the vendor has collected during his career. Content such as how to make your videos sound better, how to create a video from scratch, how to create animation templates like a pro would be a good source of reference that you would not want to miss.

Audio Video Mastery Review

Who Should Use It?

Anyone, I mean anyone who wants to create videos professionally in terms of audio should definitely try this. It is what you need to express yourself clearly and accurately. And guess what? Newbies can benefit from this course more than you can think of.


First of all, Audio Video Mastery is available in many different versions depending on your needs. Various choices give you more freedom to choose the version that fits your pocket.

Second of all, using Audio Video Mastery can really save time and money. Normally, what marketers, including myself, choose to do is to improve it manually. This, of course, takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you are newbies.

But now, thanks to Audio Video Mastery, there is no manual task anymore. You are given a clear, step-by-step process to follow. The final result is to boost conversions and sales without wasting too much resource.

Personal Experience

After getting my hands on this Audio Video Mastery for a while, I realized it would be much more suitable for newbies than for experts. There are lots of content inside the package which is designed for beginners.

So here is your takeaway from my Audio Video Mastery Review. If you are already experienced, I suggest you look for some other tools. But if you are fresh and inexperienced, then let’s get it right away!

Audio Video Mastery Review – Conclusion

The price is also a point that distinguishes Audio Video Mastery from others. It only costs you $7 to own the front-end version.

If you want to get it yet still considering, here is your news. The vendor wants to promote sales so he offers lots of bonuses as well as discounts for early birds. You would not want to miss it, wouldn’t you?

Thanks for reading my Audio Video Mastery Review. What I shared is based on my own experience, hope it could give you useful information to make decisions. Goodbye!

Audio Video Mastery Review

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Audio Video Mastery Review

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