CheckIn SociMasters Review – Handicraft Tip For Viral Organic Traffic In FB

Facebook is changing,

As a part of the technology, it changes every single day. Adapting your campaign is your daily task to get the optimized result instead of increasing your budget day by day. With the latest formula, FB strictly limits the posts of page while increasing the status and activities of friends on NewsFeed, making businesses spending much more money to get every possible visitor.

What if my CheckIn SociMasters Review tells you there is a solution with which not only can you save more money but also use the new formula to get more organic traffic. It’s not a third-party tool or plug-in putting your pages at the risk of being blocked or unpublished.

Surprisingly, this is the check in feature of FB itself. How to leverage it will be analyzed in this brand-new and opportunity-catcher product.

The Overview of CheckIn SociMasters

Vendor  Ivana Bosnjak
Product  CheckIn SociMasters
Launch date  December 17th, 2018
Launch time  10:00 EST
Front-end Price $13
Recommend Highly Recommended
Bonus yes, CHECK NOW
Niche Social Media
Refund 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее

What are CheckIn SociMasters and Its Main Values?

CheckIn SociMasters is a high-tech course about FB reach and traffic. In this course, you are learned about how to harvest recurring customers and grow much more new customers. It doesn’t refer to the paid ads or break the rule with ninja tools at all. In fact, this product is totally about smart strategies.

In the training system, the core value focuses on the check in feature of FB. You can see the page admins are holding give away, offering bonus, giving discount and so many other ways to make the fan check in and share their status. Because FB prioritize the friends’ posts, it purposefully increases your reach and the organic traffic.

Moreover, there are many more other real tips and tricks to attract the fans coming to your pages without paying for FB. Let’s explore it with my CheckIn SociMasters Review.

Who Is The Trainers?

Behind this product is Ivana Bosnjak. Along with her new partners, Avana has created this course with her actual experience when running campaigns on social media. To track down the traits this Achilles’s heel is not an easy mission.

After the training, Ivana guides you to create the check-in programs, hold the contest and write the email with the DFY templates to maintain your loyal fans and make them spread the good rumor further and further.

Inside her system, you will find the case studies and her shares about doing marketing on social networks, especially FB. Ivana has launched many online products for IM such as SociChief, AD Target Drill, Social CPA Avalanche, …

Great Features Inside CheckIn SociMasters

  • 7 modules about FB’s landing recurring customers

The content includes both PDF and video files with actual tips and case studies. In particular, there is 7 modules with details below:

  1. Module #1: The Big Picture And The Impact
  • Background of FB algorithm changes about focusing on what friends and family share
  • Marketing concept about power of word of mouth, referrals methods
  • Viralness and fun of the check in feature itself.
  1. Module #2: Examples In Different Niches
  • Check in features and how it works in different niches
  1. Module #3: Fully Customizable Restaurant Check-in Template
  • Editable template in to customize for your own businesses in table tent & picture frame
  • Training about customizing the templates with step by step tutorials
  • Details on how to print from home OR order online
  1. Module #4: How to Get Clients
  • For freelancer to get clients (as the business owners and page administrators) and make them convince you to work for them with your social platform channels
  • How to visit local businesses and get them to sign up right away
  1. Module #5: How to get paid MONTHLY using this strategy
  • Build your management and organizational strategies to handle multiple pages and get passive payment each month.
  1. Module #6: Training the Businesses on How To Maximize The Checkin
  • For brick and mortal businesses, strategies to train their receptionist and other staff to welcome and encourage the guests to check-in with real “scenario”

7.Module #7: How to Show The Value to The Client

  • How to make report to please your business owner clients instead of showing raw data
  • How to impress your clients
  • Smart Ideas To Minimize Budget While Leverage New FB’s Algorithm

CheckIn SociMasters is a smart strategy to take advantage of the post and update by friends to increase the reach of your FB pages. This way doesn’t need much investment on SEO knowledge or money to buy slot to display your ads.

  • Logical marketing theory to apply on almost every niche

Check in on FB is not just about an entertaining or showing off feature, it bases on the marketing worth of mouth and referral. Between a promotional post and the status from your friend, you are tempted to believe more in the latter.

  • Simultaneously increasing your page’s authority and credit on Fb and other Display Network

FB search is somehow like Google. If you have more reviews, check-ins, and shares at your pages, you will likely be ranked higher on search results. Moreover, if your account links with other related platforms such as websites, location, … the quality score is improved generally.

  • Maximize the geo-targeting marketing

With the check-in features, you get a more precise filter on location-based target and it will help you have a better list and click-through rate.

  • Templates to create the check-in program with the appealing emails

Your loyal fan tribe will be a long-term community with the check-in strategies in this product. They themselves help you extend the customer list more and more without spending on ads.

Who Should Use CheckIn SociMasters?

FB account is free and moreover, this is the largest pool of customers with wide variety, therefore, I sure almost any business has at least one page. For that reason, I would recommend this product for them.  You can easily tell customers to check in at your pages but in fact, it will be more than that situation and this course will arm you to manage in the unexpected cases.

Please check it out after my CheckIn SociMasters Review if you are running a FB page of

  • Local businesses in almost any niches, especially Food & Drinks
  • Beauty, Travel or Lifestyle bloggers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Official FB of brinks and mortal company

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed and step by step tutorials
  • Easy to understand and practical tips and tricks
  • Both PDF and video included
  • No tech skills or complicated software
  • No ad spent
  • Bonus available with FB mastermind group and more


Focus heavily on restaurant while this check in feature can work on almost any niches

Price and Evaluation

The price of 7-module front-end version is ranged from $14-$17. This price will fluctuate during the launching time so be ready to get the lowest possible price. I think this is a pretty much low price for everyone. You can check out some OTOs as below. Each OTO has the bonus inside.

OTO1: $27

  • Prospecting Video
  • Copy Paste eMails
  • Landing Pages

OTO2: $37: 48 DFY campaigns

OTO3: $37 Case Studies

To Wrap Up,

In my opinion, this is a worth-every-penny course in social media. There are hundreds or thousands programs help you create campaigns or SEO with technical tools. However, finding a training with guru to build your mindset is not an easy task. Therefore, I hope you have proper perspective with the information

After all, the only factor making every victory is yourself and how you’re thinking!

Checkin SociMasters Review

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CheckIn SociMasters

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Step#3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours.


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