Copywriting Secrets Book Review (JIM EDWARDS)- A Valuable Guidebook To Get More Leads, Sales And Encourage Customers To Buy Your Products


If you are specialized in the field of marketing and sales, then you must have already been aware of the pivotal role of marketing content in growing your business. And you might have already noticed that to get interesting articles or blogs, you must first have the ability to develop superb sales copies.

However, it is not easy for one to create outstanding copies for their business. As you can see, this matter is directly correlated with imagination, creativity, and writing skill. Those are the essential components of an ideal mindset of a copywriter. In short, to be able to produce impressive copies, you need to polish up those skills, as well as knowing exactly which words and phrases that need to be used.

Sounds pretty complicated, right? But not to worry, with Copywriting Secrets Book, you can tackle all those problems easily. For more information on this brilliant product, please check out the rest of my Copywriting Secrets Book Review.

Copywriting Secrets Book Review – Overview 

Product:  Copywriting Secrets Book
Author:  Jim Edwards
Website:  CLICK HERE
Number of pages:  265 
Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee

About Copywriting Secrets Book

Copywriting Secrets Book is written with only one single purpose: To help marketers and entrepreneurs realize the importance of word use when developing their own pieces of copies. Filled with simple guidelines and instructions, it offers you a chance to quickly develop and polish up your copywriting mindset, thus boosting your business efficiency.

In addition, the book also lets you in on multiple techniques and methods that can take your marketing achievements to a whole new level. And do not worry about your lack of knowledge in the field, they are stone-cold newbie-friendly!

Copywriting Secrets Book visit

The Author Of Copywriting Secrets Book

Jim Edwards is the author of the book I am reviewing. He is currently an extremely famous copywriting specialist and affiliate marketer. Plus, he has also created and circulated several book titles, print books and many articles centering upon marketing and selling.

Therefore, you can rest assured that Copywriting Secrets Book is going to do wonders for your career!

Contents Of Copywriting Secrets Book

In this section, we will study more about the content that this book will bring to its readers. Let’s go down for details!

  • How to use words’ power to obtain more sales, unlimited clicks, and more revenues in any fields you market and to the person you market your offer. 
  • 31 comprehensive secrets allowing all users to employ immediately to grab more consumers and multiply your sales, target potential clients, especially people who prefer to purchase from you at once.
  • Help readers build their offers in all markets, obtain more subscribers, and build a crazy fan list.
  • Detailed instructions on exactly writing an attractive sales letter as well as other insider secrets in copywriting.
  • The author’s real experiences on research, studies, and trial and as well as errors in copywriting the way to earn online money. 
  • How to tackle the issues of customers not buy anything from you. Both the mistakes and solutions will be mentioned in details.
  • Precise formulas on sales copy help convert issues into money-making projects. 
  • The way to compose sales letter more amazingly and effectively. 
  • Urge customers to immediately buys your goods with a 13-step sales message formula.
  • 3 M’s of Content that capture your customers’ attention, encourage them to reach decisions that benefit your business.


Pros And Cons

♦ Pros

  • Easy to understand and implement in all marketing proposes.
  • Easy-to-exploit marketing methods allows you to apply quickly in your business. 
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Free charger for all users for a limited time.
  • A great solution for long-time copywriting problems, enabling you to avoid necessary mistakes and learn the way to create messages attracting customers to decide to buy the product at once.
  • The author’s real-life experiences and success secrets applied for your current business situation.
  • Require for zero tech skills or previous experiences.
  • Useful tips and advantageous methods included.
  • Free of charge.

♦ Cons

  • Only supported by Amazon Kindle, excluding overdrive, iBooks, smartphones, and windows.

Personal Experience 

I consider this book is extremely useful. It is completely beneficial to those who really want to earn a lot of money and still have some spare time to focus on their personal life. So, if you believe that generating good copies is such a harsh task and consuming all your time and efforts, Copywriting secrets book is for you. And you can check out some review of people who read it below:

Price And Evaluation

Guess what? You will not have to pay anything when getting Copywriting Secrets Book as it is 100% free! (Well, you will have to cover the shipment fee though, but it is pretty low – only $7.95)

One more things, the book is available on Amazon too. Still, they will charge you $10.40 for it, so I honestly do not think you should get it from this channel. Instead, go to the book’s main website, that is the only place where it is free-of-charge.

Upsell options

Once you got the free copy of this book, there will be also some upsells offered. Here they are:

Copywriting Secrets (CWS) audiobook – 27$

For this package, you can get: 

  • Extended edition of the audio book.
  • Bonus content.
  • Additional interviews with the author and others. 
  • Without the additional bonus content.

OTO 1 Sales story secrets – 97$

With this price tag, you will have:

  • Sales Story Secrets Masterclass
  • 7-story Blueprint
  • Million Dollar Story Example
  • 3 bonuses

OTO 2 Funnel Scripts – 697$

This package will give you all the custom sales copy necessary for your business. It allows you to produce all sales copy within minutes, including:

  • Dotcom, copy, and expert secrets scripts.
  • Ads scripts, webinar,…
  • Email follow-up.
  • One funnel away scripts.

Who Is Copywriting Secrets Book For?

The way I see it, the book is specially designed for:

  • Bloggers.
  • Website writers.
  • Press releasers.
  • Social media.
  • Other content marketing drives. 


In a nutshell Copywriting Secrets is a valuable book teaches its readers to:

  • Get more leads.
  • Generate more sales.
  • Push more people to subscribe to their social media networks as well as the ability to build a giant fan ground.

Remember, the more outstanding your words are, the more successful your business will be. So you do your best in learning the methods in this book as they might be your key to achieve the best result in copywriting.

Plus, if you have any questions about this book, feel free to contact me at any time. 

Goodbye, and I hope that you enjoy my Copywriting Secrets Book Review!

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