eCom Email Academy Review – A Secret Way for You to Win Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to attract new customers. However, not many people have succeeded in this field as it requires specific knowledge of many complex aspects.  

In this eCom Email Academy Review, I am going to share with you a wonderful course that can help you master email marketing skills. If this is what you are trying to improve, then keep on reading because there are a few cool things for you to explore. 


Author Jimmy Kim 
Product eCom Email Academy 
Front-end price $247
Launch Date Nov, 15
Launch Time 00:00 (EST)
Official website CLICK HERE
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Niche List Building 

What Is It?

For starters, eCom Email Academy is a comprehensive online course that shows you how to establish a relationship with your clients and customers. The ultimate purpose is to boost sales and lifetime customer values without draining your resources. 

The cool thing about this course is that it is completely newbie, which means anyone, regardless of their experience and background, can get on quite easily. ECom Email Academy allows you to take advantage of your online store and grow your business step by step using email marketing.

About the Author 

Jimmy Kim is a digital marketer who has been working in the field for more than 12 years. His expertise is email marketing, which is the field that newbie marketers struggle to be proficient in quite a lot. 

A few years ago, he founded Sendlane – an automation platform that is designed to help marketers automate the process of sending emails and SMS. Until now, the platform has attracted more than 5000 businesses to join. 

Moving onto his latest product, ECom Email Academy receives lots of expectations from experts in the field because this is what Jimmy is good at. Let’s keep reading to find out what is so cool about it. 

ECom Email Academy Review – Feature Details 

Now let’s get into details to see what you can learn from the course: 

Module 1: Introduction 

Jimmy gives you a brief introduction about the course as well as the flow you are going to go through.

Module 2: Email marketing and automation 

Email marketing and automation are two terms that many people usually mistake one with each other. Luckily, in this module, Jimmy is going to tell the difference between the two terms. Then, he shows you how you can use them to earn more from your clients. 

Module 3: Email marketing introduction 

This is where his expertise comes in. You will learn about the basics of email marketing as well as how to collect email addresses. Also, Jimmy will show you how to tell the difference between a mass marketing email and transactional emails and the metrics that come with it. 

Module 4: Content and Copy 

The next module is about how to create email content which helps increase open rates and engagement rates from the audience. The author will go through many different types of content such as newsletters and product recommendations to give you a deeper understanding. 

Module 5: Deliverability Practices 

Common issues concerning deliverability such as frequency, timing, trigger words, spams, and email SEO will be discussed carefully in this module. 

Module 6: Data-driven marketing 

Data segmentation is a great thing to help you understand your audience, which allows you to communicate with them more effectively. This module will help you gain more leads by focusing on data segmentation and relevant topics. 

Module 7: Newsletter, Drips, and Coupons

If you plan to use newsletter, surveys, coupons, product release emails, and drip campaigns, then this module has everything you need. From timing, frequency to goals and the flow, everything will be carefully discussed so that you can have a clear perspective of what to do. 

Module 8: Event-based marketing 

This module will teach you about website tracking, customer lifetime value, customer journey and so many more. All of these things will be very useful for your automation funnels. 

Module 9: Email marketing funnels 

The next module will give a clear perspective about triggers, goals and actions and how to combine all of these things together to deliver expected results. 

Module 10: Wrapping it up 

This is when the author wraps everything up and summarize what you have learned along the course. You will get an official eCommerce Certificate in this last module also. 

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How Does It Work?

Only three steps away to get started:

Step#1: Go to the sign-up page to sign up 

Step#2: Enter your email address and make a payment transaction 

Step#3: You will get full access to the course and all of the relevant materials. 

ECom Email Academy Review – Who Should Use It?

Anyone who needs to focus on email marketing should get this course. eCom Email Academy is known for delivering basic to advanced knowledge that anyone can understand. If you are searching for a good starting point, this may be it. Go get it now and see how it changes your life!

Bonuses from author

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Let’s Wrap It Up

This is also the last part of the ECom Email Academy Review

If your marketing effort to improve sales page and promotional programs do not seem to work, why not try eCom Email Academy? You will see the difference. 

There are lots of different aspects for you to learn from the course. Instead of spending time trying to gather all lessons from Google, why not buy this course at once and be one step ahead of the game? The choice is yours.

Although the price at this point is quite high a bit – up to $247 for front-end version, you will definitely not be disappointed with what you received. 

Thanks for following this review. I hope what I shared here helps you make the right choice. Goodbye! 

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