Fade To Black Review (Joey Xoto) – The Key To A Successful Marketing Video!


It is undeniable that not only video marketing can easily attract new customers but it also convince them to buy your products. In addition, there are over 10 billion views on YouTube videos every month.

 This proves that video marketing is an effective method to improve customer reach for businesses. Moreover, up to 70% of Internet users watch at least one video per week, so video marketing is more effective than other media.

This form of marketing is not limited in terms of geographical space. Your brand will not stop at reaching domestic customers but also have the opportunity to reach out to the international market.

Well, given the two basic benefits of video marketing above, do you want to have access to a tool that let you create videos to leverage success of your business marketing campaign?

If your answer is Yes, then, keep reading my Fade To Black Review to know how to create the most effective video ads.

Fade To Black Review – Overview

Vendor: Joey Xoto et al
Product Fade To Black
Price: $47
Launch Date: 2020-Mar-03
Niche Video
Official website CLICK HERE
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back
Recommend:  Highly recommend!

What is Fade To Black?


Fade To Black is neither a tool nor an app, but it is a course that consists of over 80 videos that teach you the entire process  of video creation.

Also, Fade To Black gives you the most basic knowledge before you start designing a video marketing campaign. This includes basic lessons about video editing, voiceover, scripts, creating a video teaser effect and so many more. 

Even better, when you take a video marketing course in Fade To Black, you will be taught by experienced professionals from Viddyoze. This means not just Joey but a global team of more than 40 instructors working around the clock will guide you through every difficult situation. 

As a result, from the assistance of trained knowledge and world-class support, you can completely design your own product promotional videos or create attractive video content to boost your profits.

About the author

Joey Xoto is a successful video creator in the marketing online field.  He launched his first course on video creation in 2013 and it completely raised the bar for marketing videos.

Joey has helped so many online marketers achieve their dream by providing them quality content, unique ways to create videos and so much more. Over the last few years , Joey has launched many products such as Viddyoze Live Action, Klippyo, Brandrr, and so on. 

Well, given Joey’ success, I believe that Fade To Black will not let you down. 

Features and benefits

More than 80 video lessons

With Fade To Black, you will be guided through the necessary tasks of building videos  with no stone left unturned. You will get access to Joey’s process of creating some of the most profitable video content seen in the IM space. 

Every step will be explained carefully. So, after the course, you can overcome the difficulties and obstacles when making marketing videos. 

Moreover, you can build business strategy from long-lasting video ads, creating products that are different and increase competitiveness. 

In other words, Fade To Black will give you the ability to create sales videos and implement video marketing campaigns easily and effectively.

Video Scripts

A convincible script will convert viewers into buyers! And, Fade to Black will reveal not only the secrets about introducing products but also creating content with profound meanings. 

Why do you have to do this? Well, people tend to believe in what they see with their own eyes and ears rather than in the words of others. So, if viewers can relate to  the messages you want to deliver, they will become potential customers of your business. 

Choosing the right music

In order to attract more audience, your ads must have an attention-grabbing factor, mustn’t it? This is how viewers can easily recall the brand name whenever they come across their ads.

Hence, music should not be undervalued when it comes to marketing videos. And in Fade To Black, Joey will teach you how to choose the right music for your videos. 

How should you learn Fade To Black?

Well, with Fade To Black, you can learn almost everywhere. You can listen to Joey when running, walking or even when you are taking a shower. But, to make the most out of this course, I suggest you follow these steps:  

  • Step 1: Skimming the course 1 to 2 times
  • Step 2: Carefully listen and take notes one more time
  • Step 3: Apply everything you have learned into action

See, even beginners can carry out those steps and become a professional in creating videos

Who should use Fade To Black?

In my very own opinion, Fade To Black is perfect for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Owners
  • Product Sellers
  • Bloggers
  • Advertiser
  • Website Owners.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow
  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • Real strategies
  • Meticulous explanation
  • Boost sales and profits


  • Up to now, there is none

Price and evaluation

Right now, you just have to pay $47 to earn a copy of Fade To Black. What a reasonable price, right?

I know that making videos by other apps can save you tons of time. However, the product never looks as good as the real shooted one. After all, the purpose of making video ads is to attract more viewers and turn them into buyers. This makes the tool and its benefits worth your money.

So, if you are thinking of buying Fade To Black, do it now because the price will go up to $97 after the period of launch .


You have reached the bottom line of my Fade To Black Review. Thank you for reading it thoroughly. 

In short, Fade To Black is a highly necessary course with innovative features for those who want to want to create unique marketing videos

Frankly, I really appreciate this tool and highly recommend it for those who are stuck in a rut like I was back there.  

Are you thinking of purchasing this course? Then hit its sales page as soon as you can!

Fade To Black Review


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