The Best Way To Construct A Sales Funnel From Scratch

For most circumstances, building a sales funnel should be an easy task. Unfortunately, most people still encounter obstacles while building a sales funnel. 

If you are still struggling with this task then lucky for you, there is a piece of good news. Today, you will be able to construct your sales funnel easily in under 30 minutes. You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring someone for just an undemanding sales funnel.

You should throw away the thought that you have to have over 10,000 hours of working to be able to put up with a high converting funnel. Even more, a beginner with no prior experience can do it effortlessly.

Your sales funnel does not need to be eye-catching! But, I assure that it definitely helps you skyrocket your profit in no time. I know that it sounds too good that you can not believe but, it is!

In this article, all the most crucial factors that contribute to the high converting sales funnel will be revealed. Keep reading and you will have the answer for yourself.

But, I have to deny one thing:

The purpose of building a sales funnel is to identify customers that do not know or care about your products. And then you have to promote as well as educate them to become your loyal customers.

This will benefit you a lot! Think about that! 

So, it is important that you know the basic concept of a sales funnel before building any kind of it, right?

The definition of a Sales Funnel’s

The process that someone becomes aware of your business for the first time when he or she decides to buy your products is called a sales funnel process.

And there is a fact that a sales funnel is indispensable for your business. In other words, your business can not exist without a sales funnel.

In all probability, a sales funnel always exists whether you know it or not. However, if you do know, you will be able to control it better as well as increase the number of your customers.

And if you think that a brilliant sales funnel will become useless after you get money from your customers, you are wrong. After getting money from your customers, other sales funnel processes have to be built so that your customers will be loyal to you.

This is also the time that your value ladder starts promoting its ability!

The secret to a successful marketing funnel is the value ladder. So, what is a value ladder? Well, it usually comes in different forms such as upsell, downsells or cross-sells.

A value ladder is the spine of your sales funnel. Without a value ladder, your sales funnel is just a body with no soul.

Let take a simple example: 

Imagine you are a dentist and need to know your value ladder. So, your value ladder will go from a very cheap service such as tooth extracting to teeth whitening and other services that are more expensive. 

Assuming that cosmetic surgery is the most expensive service. As a result, that service is high-ticket backend offers.

As you can see, this technique can be used in any business model. The only problem is that you have to come up with ways to satisfy your customers’ needs and add more value to your ladder.

This technique is special for those who just want to buy your cheap offers. 

The most ultimate way to build a sales funnel? 

So, now you have gone through the basic factors that form a sales funnel. I know you are confusing when trying to put everything together. 

Wait no more as this is the part that I will teach you how to build your own sales funnel fast without having to spend thousands of dollars on hiring professionals. Gone are the days when you have to design or buying expensive software just to make a sales funnel.

I am not opposed to using software to construct a sales funnel. Apparently, some of them are convenient when it comes to shortening your time and effort.

However, in this article, I will introduce to you a brilliant software – ClickFunnels.

This is the sales funnel builder that I currently use.

By clicking on the button below, you will be able to use ClickFunnels free for 14 days. And now, let me show you how to build a sales funnel that takes you less than 30 minutes.

Let get started, shall we?

Step 1: Create a ClickFunnels account

After laying your hand on ClickFunnels, you should watch its training videos so that you can make the most out of ClickFunnels.

In order to do so, click “Build Funnel” on the dashboard.

Step 2: Pick out your favorite funnel type

Move on to the next screen. Here, you can select the type of sales funnel that fits your business most at that time.

ClickFunnels have done all the hard works by allowing you to use its 22 different funnel types for various purposes and niches. 

I will name some of the funnel types: 

  • Webinar funnel
  • Lead Capture Funnels 
  • Sales Page Funnels
  • Event Funnels 

Are you having a hard time choosing a suitable funnel? Well, you can set your mind at rest as ClickFunnels has the best filtering option. You can choose your target and the niche you are in.

ClickFunnels will operate and bring out the most suitable funnel type for you.

I will show you how it is done:

I am an author and I want to have an event to promote my latest book. Then, the option “Author/Speaker/Coach/Consultant” and “Create An Event“ should be chosen.


After a few seconds, ClickFunnels has some amazing funnels that I can choose from such as Invisible Funnel, Webinar Funnel and so many more.

And if you are not sure about what your goal is, you can select multiple choices and ClickFunnels will give you more specific funnels.

And you will easily see that when you adding more options, ClickFunnels keeps changing and narrowing down the options so that you can find your fitted funnel effortlessly.

Another way to find your most suitable funnel is to click on the “Classic funnel builder” button on the top right of the screen. By doing so, it will lead you to the Squeeze page funnel. 

Here, you can choose your goal, your funnel type and create a custom funnel.

Step 3: Pick out your wanted funnel template

Now is the fun part – choosing templates!

Feel free to pick one of the pre-made templates and move to the building step.

Give it a few minutes to operate, then your sales funnel is now customizing.

Step 4: Construct your funnel

So, you now have a funnel type and a template. Let begin putting everything together to form a fully done funnel. 

In the customize funnel dashboard, you can modify your funnel path, your funnel statistics as well as adding more funnel steps.

When you are pleased with the content, click on the Edit page button to alter the funnel’s colors, texts, and other elements.

Step 5: Publish your sales funnel

In fact, I complete 4 steps above in just 10 minutes. ClickFunnels have handled all the heavy tasks so that this process will not take you much time.

Is there any other software that has done-for-you funnels, filtering option? Your job is just to test your funnel, your information, and other crucial things.

Lastly, launch your sales funnel and get an enormous amount of traffic.

See, it is as easy as pie!

Effective ways to get more traffic

As they say, without traffic, your online business is a fish out of water.

In short, if your marketing sales process does not have traffic flowing in, your efforts in building a sales funnel will be down the drain.

No traffic, no money, no profits!

So, how do you overcome this situation? For many people, although there are so many useful softwares out there, they can not make heads or tails out of generating traffic.

I do not want you to trip into that hole so I will have an article on how to get traffic to your funnel using various platforms.

But you should bear in mind that you just need one traffic platform. I have seen so many clients purchasing a bunch of different platforms yet earn nothing. 

You should use only one software and try to master it. I am sure that it will be your affective assistant in generating more traffic.

Let me show you some platforms that I found useful. They are helpful and so simple to operate. These platforms are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and so many more.

One again, I advise you to be loyal with one platform and master it. You only need one funnel to skyrocket your profits.

Simple is the best! So do not overdo it!

My article on how to drive massive traffic will be published soon. But, if you can not wait, you can give Russell’s new book. Moreover, the price will not bother you! The book is free and you just need to cover the shipping.

Sales Funnel – Questions and Answers

How to define a good sales funnel?

Making a super-converting funnel requires so many factors. However, I will list the 3 main elements that will definitely change your sales funnel

  • Your Hook
  • Your Story
  • Your Offer

What is your main goal of doing sales? Of course, doing sales is to make the audience aware of your business. So the hook becomes the starting point of your sales process.

Next, it is your story. Why should you have a story in each sales campaign? A story will help you understand your audience more. As a result, you can satisfy their needs and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

Last but not least, your offer. This will directly affect your audience’s action. You want them to purchase your products, buy an upsell and so on. It is up to you.

When you master all 3 elements above, I rest assure that your sales funnel will not stop converting.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you have a script but you can not create a hook, story, and offer.

I know that not everyone is good at expressing what they want to say. But, it is not a dead-end. If you are in this situation, I have a solution for you.

I introduce to you a software called Funnel Scripts. This is your new best assistant when it comes to crafting your hook, story, and offer.

You can read my article about Funnel Scripts or watch the free training below!

Which stages of a sales funnel should you pay more attention to?

According to Crazyegg, a prospective customer’s mindset is formed by four stages.

I am sure that you do not want to get into the right man wrong time situation. Hence, you need to have different approaches to different stages.

These stages are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

Along with 4 stages above are sub-stages and you should take care of them too.

Your whole sales process depends on these stages so everything from the top of your funnel to the bottom should not be taken for granted. 

Is it necessary for me to have a sales funnel?

Actually, you do not have to create a sales funnel all the time.

If you are an online marketer, a sales funnel is a must-use. On the contrary, if a sales funnel does not suit you, leave it.

By the way, there are some businesses that do not need a sales funnel. 

Let me remind you of the main purpose of a sales funnel. A sales funnel helps you to guide your visitors from the first step in the sales process to the last step when they get their wanted product.

And if you want to follow your visitors, ClickFunnels can also be helpful.

Which sales funnel course is the best on the market?

Robert Ringer has said that: in order to become good at something, do it frequently, but if you want to become a professional, you have to do it every day.

In marketing, this quote is so right! 

Practice makes perfect! So, the only way to make fast progress is to work around the clock and construct sales funnels more often.

And you will be surprised with the result you have achieved! The best thing about it that you will not even notice the changes.

Even so, I still recommend you try out the training called One Funnel Away Challenge to make a huge impact.

If you still have suspicions about this course, check out my experience in learning it.

Which book on marketing with sales funnel should you read?

I have had an article about the best book about marketing with a sales funnel. However, if you have not read, Dotcom Secrets is your go-to choice.

Russell Brunson is the father of this book. Also, he is the father of the term sales funnel.

So far, this book has received so much love from entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is true! I have tried out this book and it is a game-changer for my marketing career.

Again, in order to own yourself this book, you just need to pay the shipping fee.

What is my personal experience in writing a good copy of my sales funnel?

It is undeniable that you can not master copywriting overnight. But, copywriting is the bloodshed of your sales funnel.

There is a fact that you may not have a stunning landing page but with a good script, you can convert really well.

In order to get good sales funnel copies, I will share you some tips :

  • Study from other people’s funnel copy
  • The benefits your products must be put on top
  • Use the hook, story and offer technique
  • Your copy must contain urgency and scarcity elements
  • Use Funnel Scripts

How many types of sales funnel?

You can build a sales funnel based on your current business target.

For example, to create an event, you build a webinar funnel and a live demo funnel for introducing new products.

There are so many types such as membership funnel for selling products, application funnel for getting more information about your customers and so on.

These funnels can be found on ClickFunnels. There are more than 22 types of funnel on ClickFunnels waiting for you to try.

Even better, your sales funnels will look completely different as ClickFunnels provides you with various free templates to choose from.

Conclusion on The Best Way To Construct A Sales Funnel

I have to admit that there are tons of marketing tools on the market that you can freely choose from. However, I have tried ClickFunnels and it is the simplest yet effective platform that satisfies me most.

If your goal is to build a sales funnel without beating your head on the wall for hours, ClickFunnels is for you!

The further down the funnel, the higher the potential customers will purchase. Target customers will have a unique identifier for each position in the sales funnel. And this is why people build a sales funnel.

Surely, by now, you have understood what Sale Funnel is and its importance in the business operation of the business. 

Hopefully, through this article, I have brought you the most useful information to help you exploit an effective way to build a sales funnel and increase profits quickly.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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