How To Build Your First Shopify Sales Funnel ?


As you know, Shopify is now considered as the best things since sliced bread among an array of online e-commerce platforms. That’s why many people want to start their first business on it- they want to take possession of the benefits that it could offer.

However, creating an online store on Shopify might be a walk in the park, but achieving long-term success through it is a different story. There are even ones who end up giving up this field because there are no detailed instructions for them to follow.

But you can relax, today, this little guidance of mine will show you how to address those issues with ease.

In this article, you will not learn how to build a store on Shopify because you can search it anywhere on the Internet. Instead, this instruction will provide you with many useful tips, or I can say that this is a step-by-step lesson for you, to earn decent profits.

Sales Funnel For Shopify Store

First, I want to remind you that no matter what field you are in, a sales funnel is indispensable whenever you want to start a lucrative marketing campaign. And, of course, selling on Shopify is not an exception.

In each stage of the funnel, you must have different tactics to serve your clients. The way I see it, a quality sales funnel based on these three steps:

Step 1: Identifying what the final goal that you want to achieve through the sales funnel is. 

Step 2: Build the path that you will lead your customers through:

  • Awareness: Capture your leads’ attention. For example, they can be attracted by your eye-catching online store design or advertisements.
  • Interest: You can picque their excitement by giving them some bonuses, coupons, some free PDF files and so on.
  • Decision: This is the most crucial part: deciding whether your two steps above successful or not as at this stage, your customers will reach the conclusion to buy your goods or not.
  • Action: Reaching this stage means that you’ve made it! Now, you can introduce your customers some upper memberships or other services. But remember to always keep in touch with them even after they have made their purchase. Regarding this, using emails seems like a good idea.

Step 3: Use the tool to present what you’ve planned on the website.

Still, please keep in mind that each business can function in different ways so those steps that I gave to you might need a bit of alteration to suit your field.

Determine The Goal Of The Shopify Sales Funnel

Let’s start with the first step in creating a sales funnel. Well, supposed that this sales funnel is your house, then this step is like building its foundation. The foundation must be solid so that you can develop your house in the future, right?

So, in my opinion, there are three main goals that you should aim for in this very phrase:

#1. Sales Leads

Every lead can become your customers. One of the targets that you should aim is that any leads who have impressed with your products and services could purchase them at any point in the future. Even if they don’t, make sure that they would introduce your store to other leads.

#2. Long-term Relationship

To me, one of the goals that I always advise any entrepreneurs to gain is finding ways to keep boosting their sales even when they stop their advertising campaigns.

Well, if you can maintain a good relationship with your customers, and earn their trust, they will come to you whenever they’re looking for a new product or service as they believe that you can bring them the best choice. Therefore, you will be able to earn a sustainable source of income in the long run.

#3. Being Ahead Of Your Competitor

Do you know how to stand out among hundreds of other Shopify sellers who are selling products and services in the same field as you?

The only answer is that you must go faster than them. So, please always keep yourselves staying up-to-date with the newest trend. Or, if you believe that you have the ability, you can even create one!

Shopify Sales Funnel Map

Sales Funnel Mapping

Sales Funnel Mapping


This is the second step that I’ve mentioned earlier. Now, let’s go deeper into some tips that you should apply for when getting to this stage.

Free PDF Offering Information 

Giving your leads free PDF files that include information related to your products or services can increase your chance of having them sold out.

Fashion funnel - Cre :

Fashion funnel – Cre :

Tripwire Offer 

A ridiculously amazing offer can turn an anonymous visitor into your real customer in just one second. 

Tripwire Offer 

Tripwire Offer 

Upsell By Offer The Whole Set

Selling your goods in the form of a full combo with a appropriate rice can impress a wide range of customers.

Upsell By Offer The Whole Set

Upsell By Offer The Whole Set

Follow-up Emails 

As I have said earlier, every customer is valuable even when they have finished purchasing. So, remember not to leave any of them behind by always sending them follow-up emails.

ClickFunnels Integration

clickfunnels integration with shopify

In my opinion, this is the most popular tool in creating sales funnels or landing page software field and you really should add it to your marketing campaign if you want to utilize it. 

ClickFunnels, by far, has been trusted and used by most of the top gurus in the world because of its stability, high quality. It also provides its users with a variety of done-for-you sales funnel or landing page templates, which can be quite useful when it comes to saving time and mitigating all the hard work.

In addition, one of the greatest points that I love this tool is that it has such a professional group of staff, who are working their best to protect your website from hackers. 

And, of course, there are instruction videos for you so I believe that it’d suit you even if you’re a newbie. Besides, you’ll be able to get a 14-day free trial to experience all the features of this tool

So, there are no reasons not to try it out, right?

free trial 14 days button clickfunnel



Well, Shopify is such a big hit in the online e-commerce platform field, right? So, don’t miss your opportunity to make use of it and boost your sales number!

Those are the tips that I’ve come with after months of forming and operating my marketing campaign on Shopify. I hope that this would come in handy for you.

Last but not least, thanks for reaching the bottom line of my article. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I wish you all the best, goodbye!

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