How To Create Real Estate Sales Funnel In 5 Steps

Sales funnels have always been considered as a tool that enables entrepreneurs to earn decent profits in the shortest amount of time. So, do you know what precisely the sales funnel is?

Let me explain to you in the simplest form: Suppose sales funnel is a path. People will start visiting it. At some stages of the road, some will leave. However, some will stay until the end of the funnel. And, I call those who keep moving down are “leads,” or “qualified leads,” or even customers, depending on their attention and activities.

And, of course, sales funnels are applied in every vital fields, including real estate. 

So, as a realtor, do you know how to create a new sales funnel for your house selling job to make your profits skyrocket? If you are looking for some instructions to create sales funnels for your real estate business, please scroll down!

Instruction Of 5 Steps To Create Sales Funnel In The Real Estate Industry

Step 1: Determine Who Is Your Customers

In my opinion, this is the most important step. If you pick the wrong customers at the very beginning, it will be just a time-consuming situation. 

So, look at your clients’ demands and ask yourself: Do they want a place to settle in or just to resell? And do they prefer a house or an apartment? 

Step 2: Create Leads Through Website’s Landing Page Or Popup

After making up your mind about your potential customers, it is time to make a detailed plan and present it on the pop-up or landing page.

You do not know what  the landing page and pop-up on the website is?

Landing page, which is used to generate leads, enables site owners to collect necessary information of potential customers, such as full name, email, phone number, and so on, to use for the marketing activities in the future. You can also use it to visitors some bonuses, such as ebooks, free consultants, webinars, offline workshops, discount coupons, etc to exchange for their contact details.

Landing pages come in many forms such as sales page( to provide product information) or click-through page( to lead viewers to the shopping cart of the main website). So, my advice is that you should create different kinds of landing pages to optimize your real estate sales funnel.

To construct a landing page, you can hire a professional team or use some specially designed platforms such as or

As for pop-ups, well, like the name indicates, they are the types of content that pop up on your website. They can be a piece of advertisement, a promotion, a notification, or a link to other sites. 

Under certain circumstances, pop-ups can annoy web visitors. However, if you use them properly, they can tremendously benefit your sales funnel of real estate business. There are some tips that you can apply to use pop-ups effectively. Utilizing a “FREE” word or using a short and impressive title can be a nice way to capture attention.

The most crucial point is that both landing pages and pop-ups must be paired with stunning designs so that they can capture the visitors’ attention. For landing pages, you can try A/B test different landing pages to pick the most productive design that can earn the highest traffic.

Step 3: Follow

After the users have filled out the forms on the landing pages and clicked the CTA button, it’s high time for you to send them a follow-up.

In this phrase, I recommend you using the marketing automation workflow, which allows you to segment your clients. This is also the type of tool that can save you from wasting time doing the same tasks, such as email delivery and consultation requests, over and over.

Step 4: Nurture Your Leads

Don’t you know that if qualified leads are nurtured carefully, your sales opportunity can rise 20%?

That’s why this part plays an important role in developing every marketing campaign, especially with the real estate field.

So, how to take care of your leads and make them become customers?

In my opinion, the first thing you should do is to answer these questions: What is the range of price that they agree to pay for accommodation? Which locations do they want? Then, after getting all the information of your clients as well as their demands, you can create a suitable plan for each group of them. 

For example, you can provide them with their needed information, houses/ apartment overview, and answer any of their questions.

Furthermore, if you are keen on sending marketing content through emails, there are some tips that you should apply:

  • Adjust your writing tone, making it approachable, just like a conversation.
  • Remember that no one is willing to spend their time to read a long and wordy marketing email. So, make it brief and succinct.
  • Make sure your content is unique

Step 5: Remarket To Interested Leads

If you have nurtured your leads successfully, that means they are likely to become customers. All you need to do in the next step is to keep in touch with them, optimize the sustainable value by keeping providing them with new housing information in the future.

However, if you wanted to boost your profits more, I would suggest you try some tools that enable you to approach more qualified leads, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads.

These can serve as a great way to adjust your advertisements based on your targets. And of course, with the popularity of those tools, you can offer any visitor, even those who don’t subscribe to you, essential information, relevant ads or accommodation interest. 


In my opinion, with a suitable sales funnel, you can get more deals in your real estate business with less effort. And, I can promise that yours will work effectively if you build your funnel in the right way, for example, following those five steps that I’ve given to you.

Last but not least, thanks for reading my article. I hope that it can give you a chance to build your own sales funnel and achieve outstanding success in the long run!

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