KICK SUGAR SUMMIT 2019 – Is Sugar Addicted to You?


Nowadays, human has to work in serious volume so they usually choose fast food like fried chicken, fried fries, hamburgers… in KFC, Lotteria… to save time for both preparing and eating. Therefore, the rate of people who have diabetes or are overweighing is fast increasing. What a worrying problem! The bad way of eating can affect much to your health and your life, too.

Moreover, human’s demand is also increasing day by day. It shows through what they wear, where they live, especially what they eat. The need for healthy eating diets is really essential. You are worried about whether those products are good for you or not. It’s OK! The Kick Sugar Summit will resolve all the problems.

The Kick Sugar Summit is on a mission to help individuals around the world to eat less sugar or eliminate it altogether. Having the acceptance of over 40 speakers all over the world, The Kick Sugar Summit will bring to you much useful and interesting information to delete your worry about sugar.

I am sure that if you are tired of sugar in the past, you can never miss this summit! All its benefits will make you pleased and satisfied.

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Overview of The Kick Sugar Summit

  • Vendor: Florence Christophers & Michael Collins
  • Product: The Kick Sugar Summit
  • Launch Date: from 2019-Jun-10 to 2019-Jun-15

What is The Kick Sugar Summit?

The Kick Sugar Summit’s main aim is about to defeat sugar for people who are struggling with overeating. It is the fourth times the summit held.

It has over 40 knowledgable and forward-thinking speakers from all over the world lined up to speak on how to face with sugar addition! You can read all the necessary information about all of the speakers at the reference if you click here.

Each day of the summit, you will have a chance to watch at least 5 speakers sharing their experiences on cutting-way research and success working with real people at losing weight and taking their lives back.

Besides, the Kick Sugar Summit partnered with Low Carb USA to bring you the most comprehensive metabolic health information on the planet ever presented in one place, period.

These features will bring to you constantly if you follow the summit regularly.

Kick Sugar Summit

Creator of The Kick Sugar Summit

Florence Christophers is the founder of a page called She is a completely recovered sugar addict. Today Florence is a certified coach and a sugar addiction recovery specialist. She gives all her passion on each client who she has taken of cares of because she knows clearly what they are facing with day by day. Florence has teamed up with Michael Collins to bring you this summit in the hopes that you find your path to recovery sooner and easier than she found hers.

Michael Collins is the founder of a page called He is a former sugar addict and takes this addiction very seriously. For the past 25 years, he has not consumed sugar in any form – at least not intentionally. He started to talk concernedly about this with his recovery buddies. This led him to decide to quit sugar with the help of some amazing mentors.

They are co-operating and make the summit useful for all people needing it. They welcome us warmly.

Features and Benefits

In all videos provided, you will get into experiences and tips lively and detailedly because:

    • Encourage your mood quickly: Everything is introduced naturally and lively through all real experiences by scientists, researchers, and authors on the globe so you will feel close and better to reach out.
    • No crazy exercises: Have you ever searched on the Internet to find a way to cut down sugar? Of course, YES! I think that anybody at least one time used to do some unchecked exercises. And they were not effective enough. Because, on the Internet, it usually gives you some hard exercises to do every day. They are extremely exhausted and make you give up immediately.
    • Totally eliminate medications of all kinds: Some people believe that medications will be magic on the way to lose the amount of sugar. They also used losing weight teas as you can easily get from the shopping apps. It is a wrong thought! Even it was not only to lose weight as you thought but also harm your health.  Medications sometimes make your current problem worse.
    • Make more satisfying food choices: A list of healthy food is recommended for you. So, you can follow this list and have better health.
  • Increased energy – finally wake your body up!

There are a lot of benefits that you can miss any video of the Kick Sugar Summit.

 Kick Sugar Summit Review

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • No cost.
  • Over 40 well-informed speakers around the world.
  • 24-hour available videos.
  • All kinds of devices can log in (laptops, tablets, phones…).
  • Improve concentration through lively transcripts.
  • Trusted information is given.
  • No travel, 100% virtual.
  • Recorded straightly.


I have not found any cons yet!

Who is The Kick Sugar Summit for?

The summit is perfect for:

  • Diabetes.
  • Overweight people.
  • High blood people.
  • Sugar addicts.


This is all about my review. Thank you so much for your following. I hope that you will find this review informative and useful. You can catch up with all the necessary information about the Kick Sugar Summit 2019.

If you used to tired with sugar in the past, please do not miss any day of this incredible summit. I believe that it will be really impressed, informed, and relieved to know that it’s not your fault.

 Kick Sugar Summit 2019

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