LeadsGorilla Review: Attracting Traffic Has Never Been So Simple

Growing traffic in 2020 is not easy at all while all the big and small businesses are entirely in a race of winning their top position in the marketplace.

If you want to win a more significant portion of this marketing cake, you must differentiate yourself and your business. And in this LeadsGorilla review, I can show you how.

Are you ready to unveil the secret? Let’s get started right away!


LeadsGorilla Review: The Overview

endor Ben Murray et al
Product LeadsGorilla
Launch Date 2020-Jul-15
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Internet marketing
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

Who Is The Author?

If you’ve just started searching for a digital product to attract considerable traffic to your site, you may not know about Ben Murray. But if you have been following my blogs or new digital products launched every month, I guess you already heard about this guy because he is not fresh off the boat.

Ben Murray has been collaborating with countless vendors in his expertise to learn from, share experiences, create, test, and publish multiple digital creations in the past few years. 

His launches are all about online business. With the support of his excellent products, thousands of users have succeeded in gaining better traffic and converting it into bigger sales.

What Is LeadsGorilla?

Ben Murray and his team created LeadsGorilla to help local online businesses get more traffic and attention from the local marketplace. This product is the creation of high-end technology and a deep understanding of SEO. 

If you have been searching for a tool to attract traffic, you may think LeadsGorilla is just the same as tons of other products out there, right? So, what makes it stand out?

The tool not only aids you in mastering the algorithm but also offers eye-catching sales campaign pages – a vital and high-converting factor to attract countless new customers. 

Special Features of LeadsGorilla

Sales Campaign Pages

Sales Campaigns may sound new to you if you have not paid attention to what V.I.P business owners have been doing. 

Most big and famous businesses are focusing strongly on sale campaigns such as “buy one get one, 40% sales off, gifts for the first 100 customers”, and so many other kinds of campaigns. With LeadsGorilla, you can easily create similar events for your customers.

The reason why sales campaigns work so effectively is that it gives customers better chances to experience your products. And you know what? Even though it sounds like the sellers are “giving away” something, they are the ones who get more benefits in turn.

Email Marketing Templates Available 

LeadsGorilla does not want you to only get traffic without knowing what to do next to turn that traffic into real profit and real money. That is why it offers its consumers Email Marketing tools. 

With Email Marketing templates available right inside the platform, you can create different types of content for new, old, and loyal customers. 

Proven Results

LeadsGorilla is a brand-new product, but it does not mean it has not been tested carefully. Before the product’s release, the vendors worked hard with other professionals to find out all the disadvantages of the product to fix so that it can perform as smoothly and effectively as possible.

So far, because LeadsGorilla is still a brand-new product, the feedback it has received is not so much. However, based on the current response of both beta users and experienced vendors, this product is now qualified more than enough to be launched. 

How Does LeadsGorilla Work? 

Step 1: Login and Familiarize Yourself With All The Tools

LeadsGorilla is simple to use. However, just like any other tool, you will need to spend time getting familiar with the platform. And more importantly, if you know what LeadsGorilla has to offer, you will not miss any of its benefits.

Step 2: Type Keywords and Location

In this step, you can type your keywords and location of your business or of anywhere that you think your potential buyers might be. 

The tool will let you know about the keywords and location of comprehensive data and other relevant information like page ranking, popularity, address, etc. 

Step 3: Use LeadsScore Algorithm

Now, you can use the LeadsScore algorithm tool to determine if your keywords have low or high scores. If the score is low, then the lead has good quality, which means you can earn more money and have more chances in that area.

Step 4: Use the Print-One-Demand Templates

Inside LeadsGorilla, there will be different templates for you to use. You will not need to design anything. Just choose the templates, copy and paste your content, and save it.

Step 4: Use Email Marketing to Maximize Customer Service

After the beautiful templates are completed, the next thing to do is sending them to your customers. You will not need any third-party software to get your emails sent, LeadsGorilla can perfectly handle it for you. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Proven results
  • Smart tools with high technology
  • Training videos Insisted
  • Newbie-friendly


  • More effective for local and small businesses

Is LeadsGorilla Created For You?

If you are a local business or a local business service agent, then LeadsGorilla will make your job more accessible than ever. So, who exactly would love LeadsGorilla the most?

  • Small business owners
  • Business service agency
  • Online Marketer
  • Affiliates
  • Local sellers

LeadsGorilla’s Price and Evaluation

How much do you think is a reasonable price to promote your local business or make your small business bigger? The question is hard to answer, right? What if it only costs $27 for you to get started, and you can do the upgrades after when you decide that the product works out for you?

After a long time using and promoting different products, I can say this LeadsGorilla is slightly more beneficial than many other ones. It is absolutely worth trying. 

And, the most important reason is that it provides an in-depth knowledge of the most powerful platforms’ algorithms such as FaceBook and Google. If you know how to master the algorithm of those two “giants”, you will be the winner.

Final Verdict

Running a small business is not as easy as a piece of cake. You can see that the marketplace nowadays is becoming more and more competitive. Even selling great real estate properties like B-Line Condos can be tough. So, having an excellent tool is a must to unblock all the obstacles between you and your customers.

As I have been sharing in this LeadsGorilla review, LeadsGorilla can be the smart tool for you to find out all the secrets about SEO. If you like, try it as soon as possible to get all of its benefits with the lowest investment. For now, keep on developing your business.


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