Network Marketing Secrets Review – Mysterious Online Marketing Book From RUSSELL BRUNSON


Many situations can occur in the relationship between the seller and the customer. A good salesperson is one who knows how to handle those relationships smoothly, making customers feel satisfied and still making profits for themselves and their company.

This is a book that will reveal to you the success secrets of many sales professionals. These tips, techniques, ideas, and these surprising tips have been tested in practice to help your sales grow strongly and achieve your business goals. Not only is it useful for business managers, salespeople, accountants, managers, investment managers.

We learn more about this book in my Network Marketing Secrets review.

Network Marketing Secrets – Overview

Author Russell Brunson
Product: Network Marketing Secrets Book
Price Free + Cost for printing & shipping  ($7,95 in US or $16,04 international)
Sales Page
Paperback 104 pages
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: They refund shipping costs (but you still retain the book, no need to ship it back)
Support Yes
Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is Network Marketing Secrets about?

In this book, you will discover and how to market your network successfully and you will discover 3 lost funnel channels.

Funnel 1 – 3-way call funnel

This is the channel for you to communicate and communicate with potential customers. You can share your preferences and messages without having to make cold calls. This channel works strongly even if you are a new marketer.

Funnel 2 – Home party funnel

You will get sales, potential customers and other great things like your home party.

Funnel 3 – Hotel meeting funnel

How to create an online business meeting to develop your downline

Network Marketing Secrets Review

Creator of Network Marketing Secrets

Russell Brunson is the author of this great book. I think I don’t need to say too much about him because referring to him, we mentioned famous products like ClickFunnels, Secret Dot.Com and many other great things.

What is Include in Network Marketing Secrets?

Here are the secrets you will get inside this book

  • Discovering how to create potential customers and attract visitors is the main content of this book. These are the secrets that the author has used and succeeded in his business.
  • Secrets for you to create 1-800 phone calls
  • Discover the important steps that marketers miss. You will be the first to know this
  • Information about differences between stubborn businesses and ways to defeat them
  • Learn about the sneaky NFL club and why people have problems with it
  • Mistakes of marketers when signing up for a marketing company
  • Dead stages than 99% of marketers are facing. However, you can pass it after reading this book
  • Find out why you need to call outside to develop your business market
  • The reason customers visit stays away from your website
  • How to rise above Clone Wars
  • The way you don’t have problems with network marketing with Cookies and how to create potential customers monthly and stick with you for a long time
  • How to make enough money to sell products and build a growing marketing business
  • How the author goes from zero to earn hundreds of dollars like hours
  • Lessons learned by the author after his failures
  • Discover 3 lost channels for you to implement strategies and campaigns
  • The way for you to overcome the fear of sales and sales to make your business and create potential customers
  • 3 lost channels that the author used to create 1, 5 million customers for his business in just 6 weeks
  • How to have a meeting in your group without going to a hotel or conference
  • A few marketing techniques to give you easy products and some ways to manage your downlines


How to Use It?

This book is written quite simple and easy to understand. Therefore, even if you do not have experience in marketing, you will not encounter any disadvantages at all. It is not software. Therefore, you do not need to download or install anything.

Who Should Use It?

This book is for those who have been and will be doing network marketing. This good book about MLM can also be for those who are new to this business. Readers will be equipped with basic background knowledge to help you stay on the right track, do the right thing. So that new success quickly comes to you. For those who have been working for a long time but have not achieved the expected results, are depressed and are about to give up, this book will help you to see the cause and direction.

Network Marketing Secrets Review

Pros and Cons


  • The campaign is quite simple
  • Tested and tested by the author
  • The book is completely free
  • Every field is close to marketers
  • No experience or technique required


  • The information in this book is too much. Therefore, you may feel overwhelmed by it. I think you should read it slowly and read it a second time to get the most important information.

Price and Evaluation

This book is available for free. The supplier only requires you to spend some money on printing for them – about 7.95 US dollars or 16.04 dollars.

This booklet does not advertise or charge you any monthly fees.

If you do not want to pay a printing fee for printing, you can download its DFY version directly to your computer. However, sitting for hours in front of your computer will make you feel tired.


Last Thoughts

You can immediately feel the marketing enthusiasm that Russell Brunson has put in every page of his book. This book is the conclusion of 50 years of experience in marketing. Russell Brunson no longer wanted to write books up to 700 pages, he really wanted to condense the essence of Marketing, through the experience and discoveries that he had built up in his career.

For managers and those interested in Marketing, the network marketing secrets book is considered a complete dictionary of this field. All concepts are fully and vividly explained, the book is regarded as really useful reference material, explaining the core issues faced by marketers.

Thanks for reading my Network Marketing Secrets review.

Network Marketing Review

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