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PitchBolt Review- Hosting A Professional Webinar Might Be Easier Than You Think















Are you going to create expensive marketing campaigns to draw audiences’ attention to your product or service? It is not a bad idea, still, it can cost you an arm and a leg.

How about hosting a webinar to deliver the information and interact with your audience in the real-time? 

Well, webinars are quite familiar to those who are working in the marketing field. It is one of the most effective ways to put your product or service on the map. 

However, getting a professional webinar is a hard task! It requires you excellent presentation skills and a creative mind.

That’s why My PitchBolt Review is going to tell you an amazing tool that simplifies the process of making a presentation so that you can have a high-quality webinar without breaking your neck.

Are you interested in this superb tool? Then, keep scrolling down for more interesting details!

♦ Author: Danny Adetunji
♦ Product
♦ Lauch Date: December 12th, 2019
♦ Launch Time 11:00 EST
♦ Front-End Price: $67
♦ Official website Click Here
♦ Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
♦ Recommend:  Highly recommend!

What Is PitchBolt?

PitchBolt is a tool created to help you design high-quality presentation effortlessly. It can remove a heap of difficult tasks in the process of making presentations; thereby letting you obtain a presentation in a flash. 

Moreover, it also allows you to add video and audio on your presentation. Thanks to it, you can deliver your information of your services or products in various forms such as sounds, images. Of course, this will make your webinar attractive and encouraging.

What else this tool can offer to you? You do not need to care where you are because you can make presentations for thousands of people while you and your audience are a great distance apart. Still, you still can receive questions from them without any disturb.

One more reason that you should get this tool is that this tool comes with algorithm that enables the content of presentations be organized well without human intervention.

All things combined, it can be believed that PitchBolt is a prominent tool that will be highly beneficial to the procedure of producing presentations. Once getting it, you can spend more time relaxing while having effective presentations.

PitchBolt Dashboard

Who Is The Vendor?

The father of PitchBolt is Danny Adetunji who has got many years of experience in selling products. He is also a marketing specialist and a well-known product developer. Up to now, he has successfully launched many useful tools that receive great appreciation from users such as DFY Profit Suite, MailChemist 

Therefore, I strongly believe that his latest product, PitchBolt will stand out among other products in the marketing and selling field.  

5 Reasons To Get PitchBolt?

  • Automated process of design 

Have you ever imagined that one day, the content of your presentation will be automatically organized with appropriate images and designs? PitchBolt will do this for you. Plus, the color of the background and the text will be automatically chosen, so you do not need to spend tons of time thinking what color best suits to your content. 

  • Polls on the real-time

PitchBolt goes with built-in polls enables you to receive feedback from the audience while you are hosting your webinar. Pretty cool, right? Furthermore, the poll will be sent to potential audience, so will get high-quality feedback. Simply put, by relying on this tool, you can escape from troubling scenario that traditional market survey or questionnaire creates.

  • PitchBolt Editor Tool

If you want to customize the design of your presentation, PitchBolt offers you an editor tool so that you can change and add extra items into your presentation freely.

  • Smooth process of streaming webinar 

The presentation produced by PitchBolt is less than 1MB. So, any webinar including it will be streamed smoothly and continuously. Thus, you do not need to worry about the poor internet.

  • AI design platform

PitchBolt utilizes AI to design slides. Thus, you can rest assured that you will not only generate a presentation effortlessly but also maximize its efficiency. As a result, your webinar will earn you more audiences and create constant profits. 

So in my opinion PitchBolt is the most powerful slide creation and online presentation platform nowadays! 

pitchbolt learn more

How Does It Work?

You don’t need any design skills to be able to create a very beautiful and highly engaging slide with PitchBolt. If you want to create presentations by using PitchBolt, follow this super simple process below:

Step #1: Choose the plus sign on the right upper corner 

Step #2: Click “create from text”. 

Step #3: Type the name of your project and the content you want to display

Step #3: Click “Create the project” button. 

Find out more detail with video demo below.

Who Should Buy It?

Those who are working with webinar will benefit much from this top-notch tool. For example:

  • Online marketers 
  • Business owners
  • Bloggers 
  • Online presenters
  • Product creators
  • Online sellers

Pros And Cons


  • Automated process
  • Smooth streaming procedure
  • Various themes and images
  • Time-saving
  • Small-size presentation


  • Up to now, there is none

Price And Evaluation

PitchBolt costs you only $69. Well, you might think it is not cheap. Yes, it is a little bit expensive. However, it is truly reasonable!

Let’s think of what can PitchBolt provide you! An automated process of designing that requires no human efforts, gorgeous themes and images, effortless streaming procedure all give you a great satisfaction. And then, you can attain tons of in-demand customers and instant profits

Moreover, the state-to-the-art technology this tool offers is unique. Therefore, as common sense, if you want to experience something exceptional, paying a high price is a norm.

⇒ Frontend – PitchBolt Basic License ($37) Commercial ($47)  

+ Personal:  >>Click to see detail<<

  • 30 Slides Per Month
  • Zero Streaming Delay, No Lags
  • Standard Quality Vid Cam Recording
  • No Crash & High Reliability
  • High Speed Servers & Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Waiting Lounge
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live HQ Webinar
  • Follow-Up, Encore & Replay Webinar
  •  Live-Like Webinar (Pre-Recorded)
  • Automated Webinars
  • On-Demand Webinar
  • Paid Webinars
  • Online Classes
  • Host Meeting
  • Publish Videos Directly on Social Media
  • Host Podcasts
  • Host Masterminds
  • Unlimited Access to Editor
  • Polls & Chat
  • Standard Quality Screenshare
  • 15 – 1 Hour Length Live Calls Per Month to 5000 Membered Audience

⇒ OTO#1 – PitchBolt Pro – $47 – $67

+ Personal:  >>Click to see detail<<

  • Make Unlimited Calls Per Months to upto 15000 Live Participants
  • Unlimited Replays & Hosting For 180 Days
  • Premium Monthly Support
  • Create upto Additions 20 Presentations Every Month
  • HQ Video & Screensharing
  • PitchBolt University

⇒ OTO#2 – PitchBolt Reseller ($197-$297)

+ Personal:  >>Click to see detail<<

  • Reseller License​
  • Dedicated Account Manager​
  • VIP Training
  • Dedicated Support

⇒ OTO#3: PitchBolt Enterprise ($27/Month) >>Click to see detail<<

  • Unlimited License to Create Presentations​
  • Unlimited Audience on Events​
  •  Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Polls & Chat
  • Unlimited Access to Editor
  • Unlimited Screenshare
  • Unlimited Paid Webinars
  • Unlimited Online Courses
  • Unlimited Host Meetings
  • Unlimited Podcasts
  • Unlimited Masterminds

NOTE: You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any other OTOs.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive nothing and it takes your time to request for refund. Remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure of this the product.


In a nutshell, PitchBolt is an outstanding tool that is essential for you to produce gorgeous presentations. Just give it a try, I’m sure that its amazing features are going to blow you away!

Now that you have seen for yourself all of the impressive features and benefits that you can get from PitchBolt, what are you going to do?

Finally, thank you for reading My PitchBolt Review. I hope that it can help you reach the right decision. Goodbye, and good luck!

pitchbolt visit




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