Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review – Why should you buy?


Once you step into affiliate marketing, you have to prepare yourself with much knowledge of digital marketing. While it will take some time for you to try all methods to pick a suitable one, you can check out the new course in my Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review, a specially made course for beginners.

In fact, there are millions of courses about affiliate marketing so I will keep this review short and focused on the benefits you get and the reason you should buy.

With a pretty low price, Profit Tunnel Blueprint seems to be a good option to grab the basic but practical knowledge about affiliate. Users also have the tools to manipulate the traffic and convert them into the real buyers. In conclusion, it combines a little bit about theory and practice, which makes it a good move to start.

Overview of Profit Tunnel Blueprint

Product Creator Gena Babak
Product Name Profit Tunnel Blueprint
Release Date January 28th, 2019
Release Time  09:00 EST
Front-End Price $9-$17
Official Website CLICK HERE
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended 

What is Profit Tunnel Blueprint?

This is a new training system about affiliate marketing. However, it will be biased to practice and sales rather than to make a good portfolio. In details, you will be directed to the funnel sale and traffic generation instantly; while in other courses, trainer focuses on introducing affiliate, sourcing product and suppliers, etc.

Within modules, Profit Tunnel Blueprint spends almost all of its content for traffic and leads. The system tries to build a funnel with the high rate of turning leads into buyers through 3-layer funnel. Another secret is it will help you lock the leads no matter which time they choose to buy.

Now, give me a few minutes to introduce you to the developer in my Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review.

The trainer of Profit Tunnel Blueprint

Gena Babak will lead you through his system. You don’t need to google his name because there’s not much results. Actually, this is his first product. So why do you should buy?

The reason is everybody seems to try his best to take care of each small detail in their first born child. The next products will be updated and updated more but the passion of the author will decrease.

So, in this first product, Gena shares his funnel and experience like a real friend to you.

In this Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review, it’s time we would go through all modules and figure out its best features.

Main Contents and Benefits of Profit Tunnel Blueprint

Module 1: The law of the university or just a bad luck

There is nothing technical about this module. It’s just the welcome part in which the trainer prepares you with the positive mindset and motivation. I think you can skip this part though I understand he tries to boost your passion up.

Module 2: Let automated profit system work for you 24/7

This module starts to relate to marketing. In this part, he talks about his programs which he uses to make passive income. Gena will provide 3 different streams to generate passive money. However, these systems require you to invest money in his system.

Module 3: Build your list for free using paid traffic and self-liquidating funnels

The third module includes the traffic methods and self-liquidating funnel. The self-liquidating funnel is like an offer which can both help you make money and build list. In fact, it’s very useful and convenient to absorb the advertising cost and increase the instant purchase when the lead lands on your page. Because the cost is calculated in the ads while you gather the list, Gena calls it “build free list with paid traffic”.

Module 4: Profit Tunnel Blueprint

Gena teaches you his main formula in Profit Tunnel Blueprint. It includes the layers he uses to convert leads into buyers, which tools he uses to approach them: free offers, front-end packages, etc. Inside this module, you will learn how to connect the multiple sale funnels using his formula, along with some software.

Module 5-7: Learn – do – earn funnel + business start ideas

Apart from the marketing system he offers, Gena will show you the tips to start your businesses, proved by a case study. He explains his system and draw the ideas so you can apply into your own system. Actually, I see this part is quite disconnected and should be placed at first.

Module 8: Free traffic methods buyers traffic hacks

What you will learn in this part is the free traffic tips and methods, the Facebook mastery and the chat bot. What I like most is he mentions the chat bot, many other courses seem to ignore it while it’s very powerful in interact with your leads. The FB part isn’t deeply enough but making up for it is the offered software. Furthermore, the Buyers Traffic Hack is used to get real traffic.

Module 9: Paid traffic methods best traffic for you

In the ninth module, paid traffic is studied carefully with the methods and which method is for each sales. It comes with more care when we use paid traffic because we really have to pay for it. Therefore, Gena tries to explain the popular sources to choose the best ones, as long as you can make revenue from what you pay.


Who should use Profit Tunnel Blueprint

This is a course for newbie in affiliate but I think it’s useful for digital marketer in general because its main content is about the funnel and the traffic. With the advanced marketers, you should skip the 2 first modules and jump right into the third module.

Pros and Cons


  • Focus on traffic and make sale
  • Friendly newbie
  • Not too much theory


The structure isn’t clear

Price and Evaluation

Profit Tunnel Blueprint is priced at $9-$17 depending on when you buy it. As expected, there’re things I don’t like about it like how the modules are arranged and connected but in general, I think it’s worth trying with the enriched content. You should spend times watching 2-3 times. The software is provided with no charge, as well. The bonus is attracting for affiliate to use in his system.

My Conclusion,

In my opinion, Gena will need to update his course to refine it better and to focus on which he wants to express: a course for affiliate or a traffic generation system. This product will need you to have patience to go through several times to understand all its value. Considering the price isn’t too high, it should be placed in your buying list.

Lastly, thank for reading my Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review. It’s a new vendor with a new product so share your review about it with me!

Profit Tunnel Blueprint Review




Bonus#1: Audience Analyzer

Bonus#2: Commission Sniper


Bonus#3: 60 Minute Profit Plan

Bonus#4: 1-2-3 Profits

Bonus#5: Affiliate Domination Blueprint

Bonus#6: Avenik Instagram Course

Bonus#7:  eComily Pro

Bonus#8: 3D eCover Mockup

Bonus #8: WP Slideshow Master


Bonus #9: Inbound v1.2.15 – WordPress Landing Page Theme



Bonus#11: Commission Drill

Bonus#12: Facebook Redirect Pro

Bonus#13: Facebook Timeline Optin

Bonus#14: Facebook Timeline Survey

Bonus#15:  YouTube Squeeze Pages

Bonus#16:  Legally Use Other Peoples YouTube Videos

Bonus#17: How to Generate 10,000 Views on YouTube


Bonus#18: WP Video Optin

Bonus#19: Video Affiliate Pro

Bonus#20: VidAnalytics

Bonus#21: Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio

Bonus#22: VidPix Pro

Bonus#23: Vid Promo Pages

Bonus#24: Article Buddy


Step#1: Order PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT through my site.


Step#2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at: or contact me on this page.

Step#3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours

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