Sendiio Review – The Unique Autoresponder To Increase 300% Of Your Profit


A common question marketers usually face with is which autoresponder they should use, how to find the best reasonably-priced and efficient to have optimized results. A good autoresponder helps you to follow up with customers, build loyalty, make more sales and many post services.

So what is the new and unique solution you can find in this Sendiio Review ?

You have heard of Aweber, MailChimp, iContact and so on but they can only help you with email marketing. What Sendiio does better is to combine the marketing in 3 important channels: email marketing, phone text, and Facebook message.  

With a complete solution, you can integrate all your campaign into one tool only and maximize the outcome. While others are arguing which one is the best, you can make the difference with all sites.

Let’s find out!

Summary of Main Details

Vendor: Joshua Zamora
Product: Sendiio
Launch Date: February 21st, 2019
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $42-$47
Niche: General
Recommend: Highly recommend
Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee
Bonus yes, Check Now

What is Sendiio?

With an integrated platform, Sendiio is a new autoresponder which allows users to increase the engagement and re-buying rate. This product optimizes the follow up marketing by combining the email marketing, text, and FB message into one system. Sendiio provides a comprehensive solution and avoid the duplicating an d spamming mails to users. Moreover, users have great benefit with the customer behavior based tracking and analysis.

If it sounds interesting to you, continue my Sendiio Review to find out more!

Creator and Publisher

This is a product by Joshua Zamora which he has tested since the last year with his own campaign. With more updates for this product, you have the chance to make the profit even higher. With more than a decade working with digital marketing, Zamora has been known with many product awarded in the Top Selling. His own blog is where you can find the useful hacks about marketing and his recommended product such as Zamurai List Builder, SyndLab, Semaless Secure, and so on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Create campaign with no limits in 3 platforms

The main feature of this app is it allows you to connect to 3 main sites to run unlimited campaigns Email, Text, FB Messenger. Users can contact their leads and send them offers in any channels, increasing their conversion. Sendiio supports both the one-time messenger and follow-up sequence campaigns.

  • Import complete email leads and phone numbers

For each list, Sendiio allows you to import the entire list into its autoresponder while other apps may restrict only 70%. With Sendiio Personal you will have 3,000 email leads, 3,000 phone numbers in total and unlimited leads and phones with Sendiio Agency.

  • Unlimited FB Messenger subscribers

With FB Messenger, Sendiio has no limits on the number of the subscribers you import. This feature helps you warm up the huge amount of social traffic in all niches and segments.

  • Automate to connect accounts directly

Users can connect directly with hosting email, phone and your FB account. Moreover, you can connect multiple accounts at the same time. This product also doesn’t request API to connect therefore you can be rest assure about the safety.

  • Support all kind of SMTP provider

SMTP provider usually asks for agreement between 2 servers. Sendiio supports all SMTP providers which will help you secure the delivery rate and improve the opening rate, not missing any potential lead.

  • Chat bot with keyword triggered setup

With FB page management, Sendiio provides an automatic chat bot which will helps you answer the customers in both messenger and comments/replies. The important thing is you can set up the triggered keyword with according replies. Whenever the messages or comments include the keywords, the chat bot will use the set up replies to respond.

  • Scheduling you campaigns with flexible calendar

The default time is your server time. Instead of instant launching, users of Sendiio can choose to schedule the time for campaign to publish. Furthermore, you can schedule an unlimited amount of FB Messenger broadcasts, mail sequence, etc.

  • Set up automatic welcome message

Apart from being able to manage all one-time and sequence mails, users also can set up an automatic message for new subscribers to welcome them. You will be able to filter the new ones only, which increase the engagement and customer impression.

  • Create unlimited opt-in form

With both email marketing and phone text, you can create unlimited opt-in forms to capture your leads. With its auto-generated HTML or iFrame code, Sendiio can integrate all the page builders used popular right now such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc or any lead-capure page builder tool.

  • Customer behavior modification on autopilot

Sendiio can be able to edit and improve your campaigns based on the behaviors of the recipients all on autopilot. The software will automate to clean the bounced emails from the lists and suggest Resend the emails with new customizable subjects for unopened ones.

  • In-depth tracking and stats

The tracking and analysis of Sendiio include the delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate and etc. Moreover, it also traces down the location and device of the leads for remarketing and local targeting.

Sendiio review

How To Use

There are the details demo videos at the sales page you can refer to and you can also check out the simple steps in my Sendiio Review.

Step1: Sync your account and import your list

Step2: Create your campaigns and schedule/launch

Step3: Generate massive profit from 3 profitable platforms

Video demo: Senddio Email Demo

Video demo: Senddio DB Messeger Demo

Video Demo: Sendiio SMS Demo

Preferable Users

Sendiio is a powerful software for many types of online businesses. With detailed training, it hides no difficulty even with beginners:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online marketers
  • Local businesses
  • eCommerce stores
  • Product vendors
  • Offline event organizers

Pros and Cons


  • Online cloud-based platform
  • Training with full details by high quality videos
  • Export and import unlimited leads
  • No recurring fee
  • Support popular third-party page builders
  • Capture leads in 3 most profitable niches


  • Quite high prices
  • Limits in the Sendiio Personal

Price and Evaluation

The official price for Sendiio Personal and Agency is $42 and $47 respectively. I understand this is a quite high price but it matches with many features of Sendiio. Moreover, I think the Agency will be more reasonably-priced and higher ROI. You should get the order soon because the price will increase $10 for each and even much higher.


There are even more features I don’t mention in this Sendiio Review but you can explore yourself. I hope you can get the lowest possible price to improve your marketing with lowest possible budget. Hope to hear your good news.

sendiio Review



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