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Simple Social Tools Review – FB Audience Toolkit – Make the Most out of Facebook


Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks over the world. There are billions of people using Facebook to update and check up on their friends on a daily basis.

Does that fact mean anything to you? Yes, it does. It indicates that Facebook is a valuable goldmine for marketers to reach out to more customers in any country on over the world.

However, do you know the right way to do so? I am not so sure about that. If you do it the wrong way, there is a good chance you will waste lots of time and getting little in return.

Simple Social Tools – Overview

  • Vendor: DPAPA
  • Product: PassionFuze
  • Launch date: 2018 – Nov – 13
  • Launch time: 11:00 EDT
  • Sales Page: CLICK HERE
  • Bonus: yes, Check Now
  • Front-end Price: $$47
  • Niche: Offline
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended

Introducing Simple Social Tools!

This simple tool allows you to build a huge number of targeted audiences on Facebook without wasting so much time. In fact, almost 100% of the process is automated.

Let’s keep reading my Simple Social Tools Review to find out more about this new tool!

What Is It?

Simple Social Tools is a newbie-friendly tool for marketers to build a solid base of Facebook audiences. Basically, it has 4 main features that help you reach out and boost engagement.

About the Creator – Dpapa

Dpapa is a well-known affiliate marketer in the field. He is also the father of many different products such as Flip Flop Profits, Passion Tube Profits, Bing Bang Profits and so much more.

As you can probably guess, in most cases, he focuses on helping marketers make the most out of their resources without wasting much time.

Feature Details

Automated invites

The first tool I am going to introduce is the adding Facebook friend feature. Before going deeper into the feature, it is important to understand that Simple Social Tools mimics human behaviour pattern.

The software is not going to send out thousands of friend requests in 60 seconds. The first thing it is going to do is to find ideal customers, ideal friends with appropriate content to reach out to. In short, Simple Social Tools helps create a high-quality, better base of followers on Facebook.

How to do that? Well, when you post an engaging video on Facebook, there will be a certain number of likes and comments. So the next thing is you open the software and click the adding friend feature to set up. The goal is to mimic human behaviour as best as it can.

Pending requests

After sending out requests, there are a certain number of people who do not accept. So how do we delete them? Easy, with pending request feature, you will delete all of them at once so you can send the new ones.

Click the button, switch to the mobile version of Facebook and right there you can delete all the pending requests in a blink of an eye.

Automated messages

Like the pending request feature, what you do to start is to click the button and move to the mobile version of Facebook. You will see a toolbar with two different messages options. One is to send broadcast messages to selected friends and the other is to only message new friends.

So, how do we define a new friend when it comes to messages? A new friend is someone who has been connected via Messenger with you but has no conversions up until now. All you do is to put in the information and let the tool do the rest of the work.

Like content

The whole idea behind the like content is to help you have greater exposure to viewers. Similar to the above feature, you just have to click the button. There will be a navigation tool coming up on the left-hand side. You have three options which are to start the liker, stop the liker, and access the process.

The best part about the liker is that it is not going to like every single post. Instead, it will randomly like a post posted on Facebook newsfeeds.

For those who do not know, Facebook has a tolerance for a number of likes you have. That is why Simple Social Tools is created to align with Facebook’s tolerance.

Simple Social Tools can have up to 200 likes in a session. It is not recommended for you to do it back to back. The best choice would be to stop 30-40 minutes before you start a new session.

As far as I am concerned, the like content feature would be best for a personal Facebook or when you use it for Facebook groups.  

Simple Social Tools Review

Who Should Use It?

I highly recommend this tool for any social marketer who is looking for more traffic and engagement on Facebook.  Bloggers, influencers, and business owners are also the targeted groups of audiences who should not miss this one out.

Evaluation and Price

Perhaps after reading all other parts of the Simple Social Tools Review, you may be terrified how much it would cost. And you know what? It is only $47. Yes, you have read that right. $47 to get an automated Facebook tool. I see a profitable investment right there waiting for you.


Not like any other Facebook tools, Simple Social Tools allows you to mimic human patterns and boost Facebook engagement. It is not mechanical like other tools, in fact, Simple Social Tools is very smart and flexible.

If you plan to reach out to more Facebook customers, then it is time to upgrade your business. Simple Social Tools is a good deal you would not want to miss, though.

Thanks for reading my Simple Social Tools Review. I hope it works. Good luck and goodbye!

Simple Social Tools Review

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Simple Social Tools Review
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