Traffic Secrets Book and Course 2020 Review- Is It Worth?


It is undeniable that traffic plays an essential role in an online marketing campaign. High traffic means that you will have more followers and fans, which is undoubtedly a solid foundation for your business.

That’s why if you do not focus on improving your website traffic, you will end up wasting your money and leading to your business failure.

However, how to generate traffic? If this question is still stuck in your mind, don’t miss out on my Traffic Secrets Book and Course 2.0 Review!

Traffic Secrets Book Summary

Before introducing you to the Traffic Secrets Course 2.0, let me give you a deeper insight into the Traffic Secret Book.

Well, this is a completely new book written by Russell Brunson, an author that I’m sure that no one currently working in the online marketing field doesn’t know about.

In this book, you will have a chance to learn some special strategies for these three purposes:

  1. Identify your ideal type of customers
  2. Where to find them on the Internet
  3. How to captivate their attention and make them become your loyal fans

So, what is the special feature of this book? It’s Free! Yes, you heard it right! You will not have to pay any penny for this book but only the shipping fee, which is $9,95. What a great deal, right?

In my opinion, if you are planning to startup and don’t know where to start from, this book will really come in handy for you and be the very first guide for your business! And, it will be launched on March 17, 2020, so don’t forget to check it out!

Traffic Secrets Course 2.0 Review- Overview

Original Author: John Reese

Product: Traffic Secrets Course 2.0

Front-End Price: $297

Niche: Video

Sales Page: Click Here

What Is Traffic Secrets Course 2.0?

Traffic Secrets Course 2.0 is a training program that will teach you how to increase traffic for your website and sales funnel.

If you have been working in the online marketing field for several years but still have not achieved any occupational attainments, this will totally change your mindset and your old way to do marketing. 

This course is suitable for both newbies and the experienced as it includes 24 content-packed modules with 288 video lessons. With such a huge number of videos like that, I’m sure that you can learn a lot of interesting and useful knowledge as well as tips for your business.

About The Author



You might know Traffic Secrets Course through Russel Brunson, but actually, John Reese is the creator of this program.

For some who don’t know, this guy is the first one who could earn over one million dollars in just one day. What an amazing result, right? 

And now, with his talent, he decides to create Traffic Secrets Course 2.0 to help other entrepreneurs make their dream come true!

Traffic Secrets Course Review- What’s In This Program?

288 videos are divided into 24 modules that will instruct you how to earn a sustainable income step by step: 

Module 1: The Foundation:

If you have just joined the online marketing field, this module is exactly what you’re looking for as it will teach you from setting up a website to determining your goal and mindset. Therefore, you can build a solid foundation to develop a long-term business.

Module 2: Market Discovery

For those who have been failing to captivate your customers’ attention or understanding their needs, this one is for you. 

What makes this module interesting is that you will have a chance to learn from your niche competitors, those who are winning you in this competition. Just take a deeper insight into their strategies and then you will understand what you lack and what you need to improve.

Module 3: Copywriting Secrets

You know, in the online marketing world, words are power. How to tell a story that can attract your clients is what you need to answer right now.

That’s why in this part, you will go back to basics to learn how to create such engaging content that can enable you to increase your conversion rate.

Recommend: You can read book  Copywriting Secrets book or buy Funnel Scripts Unlimited. It will help you so much. 

Module 4: Keyword Science

You need to know which keywords are hot or trending in order to get your articles to the top of search engines, right?

So, you will learn how to choose the right keywords that your targeted customers frequently search on the Internet on this section.

Module 5: Email Marketing Tactics

Well, just being honest and ask yourself that have you been making a successful marketing campaign or you just actually spamming and receiving no values?

If you are in the second situation, then you must watch this part to renew your email marketing tactics.

Those are the first five modules of Traffic Secrets Course 2.0, and there are still 19 other sections for you, but I will let you explore it yourself.

After following this program, I have to admit that it can provide you everything you need to know to leverage your business. Each video is the brand new knowledge that you don’t want to miss. 

Traffic Secrets

How Does It Work?

As you see, Traffic Secrets Course 2.0 is a teaching program with video lessons. So, all you need to do is watch and follow its detailed instructions. Click Here

Who Should Use It? 

As this course will train you every aspect of online marketing from A to Z, I believe that anyone joining it will receive some specific values, no matter what product they are selling or kind of marketing campaign they are planning.

Pros and Cons


  • Video lessons
  • Diverse modules suitable for both beginners and experienced people
  • Step- by- step instructions
  • Easy to follow
  • One-for-all course
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Quite Expensive
  • Not able to buy it alone

Price and Evaluations

This course is now sold at $297. However, you actually cannot buy it only. Instead, you just can get it through some upsell pages or Funnel Secrets offer backpack.

That’s why this could be a hindrance to this program. For the most economical way, I would recommend you buy it through some book upsell pages such as Dotcom Secrets or Network Marketing Secrets. In this way, it will only cost you more $7,95.

Moreover, luckily that this course offers the 30-day money-refund policy so you can think that you spend $7,95 for one-month learning. Still a steal deal, right?

Traffic Secrets Book and Course 2.0 Review

Bonus From Author

Get this Traffic Secrets Book, you will get all the bonuses below from Russell Brunson & John Reese for free to maximize your benefits:



Before ending my Traffic Secrets Book and Course 2.0 Review, I want to remind you that this is not an instant-noodle program that can totally change your business in just one day. And I believe that if there are any tools or courses saying that they can do it, they all lie!

To gain success by this program, you must be serious and spend your time learning. And trust me, you will soon get back results that exceed your expectations!

Last but not least, thanks for reading my article and good luck with your business!


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