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In these recent years, marketing through the internet has strongly developed. Youtube, one of the largest social media in the world is not an exception. Considered as a potential market, SEO on Youtube has become an important part of a marketing campaign.

Of course, when more and more people compete in this market, the quality of SEO videos isn’t much distinct. This phenomenon has led to a problem that viewers can hardly find differences between videos. If you want to find out the solution to this issue, please stay tuned and read my Tube RSS Xtreme Review.

Overview – Tube RSS Xtreme Review:  

Vendor: Robert Phillips
Product: Tube RSS Xtreme
Launch Date: 2018-Oct-22
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $20
Sales Page:
Niche: Video

What is it?

For your information, Tube RSS Xtreme is a useful SEO tool, which can make your Youtube Video SEO stand out in seconds. It contains a lot of SEO strategies, which promise to bring back fantastic results. Possessing this and your profit will shoot to the sky.  

The Author – Robert Phillips.

Recognized as a talent developer, Robert Phillips is a memorable name. He’s a famous vendor in the field of marketing and SEO, who launches a lot of compelling products. In details, Robert is the creator of SEO Agency Theme, WordPress RSS Extreme, Bulletproof Commissions, Unstoppable Tube Profits 2.0,  Evergreen Income Formula,…. Recently; he has published a new product called the Tube RSS Xtreme. It is promised to be a turning-point for marketing due to striking features.

Unique Features of Tube RSS Xtreme:

  • The Tube RSS Extreme Tool integrates all of the different URLs from Youtube into a single RSS feed and provides that RSS feed to Feedburner, Google Docs and Pings and Indexes. Owing to this feature, your contents will get indexing faster and have higher rankings.
  • The step-by-step wizard simplifies the using process. Beginners can also use this product smoothly.
  • It also allows you to piggyback the SEO Authority of well-known Youtube Influencers and Channels. Thanks to this, the authorizing process has become simpler than ever. Users can literally get authorized in seconds.
  • Moreover, quicker access to any Niche is promised after only a few clicks.
  • Not only do customers get Youtube authority quickly, but they will also have the Google Properties Authority. As a matter of fact, SEO results strongly relate to Google Index. And Tube RSS Extreme can bring back Google Authority in less than a minute. That’s the reason why this product is a must-have tool for content creators, online shops, and website owners.  

Tube RSS Extreme Review

How does it work?

On the official website of Tube RSS Extreme, you can quickly spot out many tutorial videos on how to function this in details. If you can, I recommend to stop by their sites and have a look. But if you want a summary, then here you are:

  • Step 1: Create a new RSS feed by click on the blue “Generate New Feed” on the top of the screen.
  • Step 2:  The detailed instructions will be displayed on the screen. You just need to follow them strictly.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the outcomes.

With three easy steps above, everyone can master this tool.

Who should use it?

Based on the features given above, I believe that these people should use the Tube RSS Xtreme:

  • Online Marketers.
  • Marketers.
  • Online Shops and Online Start-ups.
  • Content Creators.
  • Youtubers.
  • Website Owners and Website Managers.

Let’s Watch Some Of My Result Below:


Advantages and Disadvantages:

Pros Cons
  • Offer customers broader choices owing to two versions: one internal index version and one website version.
  • Power up Youtube Video SEO in seconds without lifting a finger. This product has a lot of dominant strategies, which will do all the work.
  • SEO improving has never been so easy and affordable. You don’t have to pay others to boost your Youtube Video SEO ranking anymore. Now it’s entirely under your control.
  • Bring back many benefits in different angles such as Google angle, SEO angle,…
  • Easy to use for many types of users.
  • Offer a unique SEO plugin.
  • No installation or download required.
  • Reasonable refund policy.
  • Require a stable internet connection to proceed.

Price and Evaluation:

For buyers, the price is also a critical factor that affects their decisions. Knowing this, the creator of Tube RSS Xtreme released three versions, which corresponds with three different price options.

  • In the first period, the Front End Period, customers can own the product with $9.99 – $19.99. In return, they will own these following features after buying this option:

+ Generating Tool which has the ability to generate more than 40 URL variations.

+ The software also combines all of the URLs from different variations into 1 URL.

+ The RSS feed will be syndicated With Feedburner & Google  Docs.

+ Step-by-step Wizard.

+ Index and Ping Automatically.

+ Simplify the SEO process.

  • Also, if you purchase the OTO 1 option, you will also receive the Public Tube RSS SEO Tool Page integrated into the original product. Pay $19.99, and this version is yours. If you want to learn more about the additional features, please visit the vendor’s page.
  • Besides, when owning the OTO 2 option ($47 in total), users will have a Multi YouTube RSS Feed Generator. With this feature, buyers can create feeds for channels, videos, subscriptions, and playlists as well as mixing, matching, and mashing them.
  • Finally, the OTO 3 will be priced at $149.00 to $249.00. This version contains the Local Biz Alpha, a tool which can set up pages using the Google API combining with more than 30 additional features.


This is the end of my Tube RSS Xtreme Review. In my opinion, it has a lot of benefits thanks to various useful features. Experience this product, and you’ll regret not having this sooner.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope that you find it helpful. For further questions, please leave a comment below, I will reply as soon as possible.

Tube RSS Xtreme Review

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