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The number of active Facebook users is nearly 2.7 billion. Meanwhile, the number of digital marketers is increasing to 30 million. With the low rate of 0.01, the room to compete in every industry is so critical.

While the competition is so high, Facebook Ads and AdWords will bleed you dry with every penny left.

In another scenario, Roku is streaming billions of hours each year, which means a huge amount of viewers. However, the race to get traffic on this network isn’t too high.

Let’s be a smart online entrepreneur to set the pioneering steps on this goldmine land!

You will be surprised how quickly it is to grow a list within some first days without paying for Google or Facebook.

Overview of TV Boss FIRE

Vendor: Craig Crawford
Product:  TV Boss FIRE
Launch Date: March 21st, 2019
Launch Time:  10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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What is TV Boss FIRE?

TV Boss FIRE is an online platform which allows users to broadcast and stream their own TV channels. This software now connects you with the 2 giants in the streaming network: Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

There are 2 things you usually worry about: content and traffic, then they’re all resolved with TV Boss FIRE.

Content in TV Boss FIRE is the videos which you can curate or create on your own. Therefore, users don’t need to be a movie maker or a film producer to beam their channels worldwide.

Traffic from Roku and Amazon Fire TV is the advantage every marketer wish for. Moreover, because it’s still an untouched niche, these leads are all organic and easily targeted.

Find out more about how you can make money by scrolling to the end of this TV Boss FIRE Review.

The Developer of TV Boss FIRE

The man behind is Craig Crawford. Last year he launched TV Boss featured Roku streaming and his product really rocked the market. It’s the reason why TV Boss FIRE with Amazon Fire TV included is expected day by day.

Apart from TV Boss, he is also the author of Aiwis 2.0 and WP Dev Suite. These tools delivered excellent results for customers with AI technology.

Does TV Boss FIRE make the same hit? Continue my TV Boss FIRE Review to know more!

The Outstanding Features and Benefits of TV Boss FIRE

–      100% online platform on the cloud

TV Boss FIRE is an online site, which means both Mac and PC can run well with it. Apart from the flexible SaaS platform, it can work smoothly with different players from Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

–      Target audience with built-in system

Though it’s not SEO, TV Boss FIRE still let you target your viewers with its tools. You can write a full description with title, content, short name, especially tags. This product doesn’t limit the tag number you used.

Moreover, you can choose to put your videos with appropriate genres.

These factors let you identify and target your audience better with organic built-in tools.

–      Customize layout and display

TV Boss FIRE makes it possible to take good care of your channel appearance. You can change and customize the layout, video thumbnail or even design a Netflix style for your channels.

–      Leverage a huge amount of traffic from Roku and Amazon Fire TV

This is the most powerful thing in this whole industry. The on-demand TV is emerging with storming viewers but there aren’t much online marketing and competition.

You will be able to approach millions of organic viewers without paying ads.

–      Feed your channels with unlimited videos

The number of videos is countless and users can build up their channels with hundreds or thousands of videos.

Instead of using an external server, TV Boss FIRE accepts the videos from Vimeo, Amazon TV or your own servers.

–      Guarantee a high quality of videos

With HD or 4K quality, your channel is guaranteed to be professional and attractive to all potential audience.

–      Complete training about the entire TV streaming niche

Unlike another normal tutorial, training inside TV Boss FIRE will take you through every step in monetizing with TV streaming: how to customize your channel, drive leads to your web or build a list, etc.


How to use TV Boss FIRE

Check out the 3 easy steps in this TV Boss FIRE Review to launch your channel:

Step1: Log in TV Boss FIRE and sign in or create your Developer account

When you login successfull

Step2: Feed your videos with TV Boss FIRE from your server

Click button icon plus(+) to create:

Step3: Keep follow the guideline to push updated content to nurture your channels

Video Traning: 

Who should use the TV Boss FIRE?

Personally, I think this is a product for all online entrepreneurs.

If you are running an online business, this is a good way to pull organic traffic to your web pages.

If you want to start a new business, streaming video to build channel then renting out the slot for ad placement may be a good option.

Pros and Cons


–      Can work with various niches

–      Don’t need any skills in advance

–      Open for multiple monetization methods

–      Able to curate content from others

–      No need to create subtitle or set up the frame rate


Users need to have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV player in advance.

Price and Evaluation

TV Boss FIRE is priced at $17, $27 and $37 for single, three and unlimited channel respectively. These prices go along with the subscription option as well. Moreover, to understand and get the most benefit from this industry, I think you should go with the $47 option when training part included.


TV Boss FIRE is a new product in a new and potential niche. Therefore, it opens many rooms to earn a profit in various ways. I think it’s one of the best shots to make money online without fighting deliberately on social media or Google Search.

The player device may cost you $100 but if you already have one, you can lean on it.

Overall, this is a product with a positive result for me. From the angle of a digital marketer, the speed it grows with traffic and capture leads is faster than usual methods such as opt-in, giveaway, etc.

As an online entrepreneur, I felt more comfortable and less stressed with this product because I don’t have to burn both ends with SEO stats or analytics second by second.

This TV Boss FIRE Review is my personal opinion, feel free to share with me your experience with this new system!

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