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We now come back with the Viral SociMasters Review!

These days, Facebook is one of the biggest social networks all over the world. Due to the increasing number of Facebook users, it is a great idea for many people to earn money from this social network. Restaurants business is no exception when numerous restaurants are generating their profits from Facebook.

With the experience of an online marketer, I think we all find that the giants are increasing the search engines for local businesses. And we can’t miss the chance to earn money by helping them stand out in Facebook hashtags or Goole My Business.

Through my Viral SociMasters Review, you might become one of the most wanted consultants in your town.  By managing this product, you can make the restaurant owner have to hire more waiters to serve their guests coming. In short, they will have more real customers and traffic thank you.

To small bosses in local businesses, the more tables reserved and orders they have, the happier they are. And your task as their marketing consultant is to drive real customers to knock their doors.

Take some time to check my Viral SociMasters Review to find out more about this useful tool.

The overview of Viral SociMasters

Vendor: Ivana Bosnjak
Product:  Viral SociMasters
Launch Date: 2019-Feb-22
Launch Time:  10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $15
Niche: Social Media
Recommend: Highly recommend
Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee
Bonus yes, Check Now

What is Viral SociMasters about?

Viral SociMasters as one of the latest digital product gives the solution in bringing to local restaurants and cafe businesses more customers. This production method is to use, and leverage Facebook events feature to drive traffic. From that, you can make that traffic turn into leads with essential graphics and content. Within just only seven modules, you can understand the core and use it to benefit your clients.

This method works by using the Facebook algorithm and customers behavior. Indeed, people love to be social and connect; that is what FB do the best. Through FB, people can easily share their content. And if you are discussing a hot event, you will get more attention as well as the traffic. Find out how it works from my Viral SociMasters Review!

The Creator of Viral SociMasters

Viral SociMasters’s developer is Ivana Bosnjak who specializes in many different fields. With her experience, she is most famous as an online marketing expert. Other than that, she is also popular in online traffic, product launch, and  Internet marketing majors. Sounds amazing, right?

Based on her real experience, she has created many successful products such as Ad Target Drill, CPA Drill, Commission Drill, Video cash Bonanza, SociChief, etc. All of these products are of great help for her customers to enhance the skills and abilities of new marketers. With various positive responses to her debut, I believe that Viral SociMasters will not let you down.

The Outstanding Features Of Viral SociMasters

Here is some most popular feature of this product:

  •        100% Free Viral Traffic,
  •        Newbie Friendly Method,
  •        No Technical Skills Necessary
  •        Easy Copy/Paste Steps

Other than that, with seven different Module, you can have whatever it takes to become an excellent online marketer

  •        Module 1: The Influence and Big Picture

In the first part, you will update the latest FB changes especially the change in FB local. Accordingly, due to the ability to affect nearby users and the location identified, the above evens become more and more viral. After that, you will find out how that change can impact on the way of making your money.

  •      Module 2: Ways to earn money

On this module, you will have secure methods so that you can make your clients happy and be willing to pay you. Other than that, you can also find out the ways to add FB events and leverage from FB event in your service packages. All of that is to generate more profit and make new clients.

  •        Module 3: Ways to Get Clients

You might have learned various ways to find clients even when you are just staying at home. The primarily used contacts are from FB messages and emails.

Moreover, in this part,  there are tips and tricks in the negotiation to help you close the deals with your clients with your win on a face to face meeting.

  •        Module 4: The FB Local App

In the FB local app, you can discover a way to use the local app to drive organic and free traffic. This module includes the instruction in details about the app use and your events list. The developer will give you the trick to find customers from the app.

  •        Module 5: Way to manage The Program

With this module, you can learn how to run the app while you can still coordinate efficiently many other events. The instruction also suggests the way to run ads with FB Events and use FB Business Manager.

  •        Module 6: Generate FB Event

At this point, you will understand the way to handle software platform to create the events for 12 most popular niches in the Food segment. You can easily manage the clients from 12 niches. Also, in total, you will have 48 DFY events that mean four ready-made events.

  •        Module 7: Show your Client The Value

A smart marketer is a person who does not tell all he had. In the last part, you will be introduced with what to tell, which part should be a highlight and emphasize in your report. The goal of this module is to make you have a stable income from clients without too much pressure.

Viral SociMasters Review

How to use Viral SociMasters

How wonderful it is if you can give a restaurant the right registration success rate and enhance its sales considerably? You might think what you need to do is a list of complicated steps? But no,  just stick to three simple steps as below:

Step1: Find restaurants online

Step 2: Send them to copy paste prospecting Facebook Message or email proved to convert.

Step 3: Build a lucrative business from home.

So simple, isn’t it? Try it now and have a smart operation.

Who should use Viral SociMasters?

After going reading through the seven main modules above, we can find that this product is for two main users.

First is the local consultant. This product is one of the most effective solutions to get improve the performance and get more clients by updating the services.

The target user of this product is also the restaurant owners. Covers 12 niches in the Food industry, this product allows you as a restaurant owner to attract more customers in your restaurant’s branches.

If you do not belong to the above to users, you are welcome to use to study the FB events. Let’s try and have your experience right now.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros

No need for technical skills

Easy to understand and carry out

Good training video

Offer the PDF file according to the tutorial videos

Useful for other niches

  • Cons

So far, none.

Price and Evaluation

With all of the above wonderful features, Viral SociMaster is worth every penny of yours. If your concern about the price, then set your mind at rest as the front-end price of this tool is only $15.

Moreover, you can choose from the following options:

OTO1: Prospecting Package -$37

  • three videos in USA accent
  • three videos in UK accent
  •        Bonus: DFY PPT presentation at the meeting in the local Chamber of Commerce

OTO2: FB Event Generator – $37

  •        An extra four events for each 12 most popular restaurant niches
  •        Bonus: Editable DFY flyers for each niche

OTO3: Viral SociMasters Case Studies – $37

  •        3 case studies
  •       Bonus: Each 3 case studies in video format that showcase and offer you instant credibility with new clients.

My Last Thought

After reading through my Viral SociMaster Review, what do you think about it? Is it an excellent product for your business? I think it is helpful not only me for but also for anyone who wants to earn a considerable income while staying at home.

Thank you for reading my Viral SociMaster Review. I hope you find it useful. See you later with another review!

Viral SociMaster Review



Bonus#1: Quick Traffic System (Worth $197)

Bonus#2: Instant Commissions Unlock (Worth $97)

Bonus#4: Secret traffic goldmine (Worth 97)

Bonus#5: Massive Software Package (Worth $997)

Bonus#6:WP Squeeze Question (Worth $197)

Bonus#7: 10 DOLLAR-TRAFFIC-TRICK  (Worth 97)

Bonus#8:Push-Click-Commissions (Worth 297)

Bonus#9:Evergreen commission machine+ DFY + 10 x your result with it also (Worth $197)

Bonus#10: Secret Commission machine (Worth $97)


Bonus#11: Commission snatch (Worth 97)

Bonus#12: Piggyback Cash System (Worth 197)

Bonus#13:Tube Commission Loophole  (Worth 197)

Bonus#14: Commissionly (Worth 197)

Bonus#14: (Worth 197) Copy Case Study

Bonus#15: Affiliate List Pro (Worth 147)

Bonus#16: Buyer Traffic Funnel (Worth 297)

Bonus#17: (Worth 197) 3 Step Machines

Bonus#18: 8 New Softwares (Worth 497)

Bonus#19: Rapid Income Email Software (Worth 147)

Bonus#20: 3 Min Comms (Worth 97)

Bonus for OTO

Bonus##1: Push Button Traffic 3.0 – (Worth $297)

Bonus##2: Auto Affiliate Machine – (Worth $297)

Bonus##3: Viral Commission Machine – (Worth $297)

Bonus##4: Super Affiliate Class – (Worth $497)

Bonus##5: 100 Bucks Daily – (Worth $147)

Step#1: Order Viral SociMaster through my site through my site.

Viral SociMaster Review

Step#2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at: or contact me on this page.

Step#3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours


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