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You’re looking for a solution to optimize your video marketing?

You make the right choice of clicking in this VidVamp Review.

Videos can make your conversion rate go double by 200%

Videos can reduce the bounce rate by 27%

However, these statistics are losing their magic because of the saturated market. So many videos are launched every hour on the Internet and the audience gets bored.

How can we make your videos stand out?

Do you notice the key point in blockbusters is the effect and CGI?

Yes, that’s right!

The effect and the filter make your video look like a different world.

And in this review, I will help you find a method to revamp your videos with the mesmerizing effect!

Let’s roll!

A Snap Shot Of VidVamp

Creator Andrew Darius et al
Product VidVamp
Launch Date 2019-Apr-02
Launch Time 11:00 ЕDТ
Official website
Front-End Price $27 – $31
Bonus Yes, Check Now
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What is VidVamp?

VidVamp is a desktop software about video editing. This product helps you add the effect for your videos. VidVamp is a tool to revamp your videos with stunning effect. Users can generate more leads, views, and clicks in their videos.

With a lightweight system, it allows users to render the videos quickly in seconds. Users can also add background music to their videos. As a desktop software, VidVamp can easily process with the files in your hard disk.

Apart from being an easy tool for online marketers, this product also provides you with the Commercial License. Freelancers will love this powerful yet simple tool. Let’s check out this VidVamp Review to understand more!

The Creators of VidVamp

Andrew Darius is a popular name in online marketing. He has been a product creator for years with tons of experience. His video marketing is an admirable niche for many people with 1000 successful products such as Explaindio.

The following part in my VidVamp Review is about the features inside this product.

VidVamp and its key features

Desktop software to work in all files securely

If using an online tool makes you nervous about security, VidVamp is exactly what you need. This product is an offline program installed on your computer with high security and safety.

Powerfully process and render videos in seconds

What makes VidVamp be prioritized is the ability to process the videos quickly. You can input the videos, add the effect and render them within seconds. The processing time can partially depend on your RAM but in general, it’s faster than others.

50 animated and static effects

The most important thing in VidVamp is its library of effect. The effect will make your videos stand out. They add more thrilling and emotional factors to your normal animated videos. This is the key for you to optimize your conversion.

100 impactful background music

The music makes your videos closer and more appealing to viewers. With VidVamp, users can access to its music library with 100 tracks. You can use this music in your videos without royalty fee.

100 HD backgrounds

Moreover, VidVamp provides users with 100 HD background videos. The professional and stunning background videos can turn your video marketing into a new page.

100 transparent video overlays

The overlay can be used to give a more modern and artistic look. The animation will display better with overlay on your videos. Therefore, you get 100 overlays to decorate your videos in a quick click.

Preview and set up your effect

VidVamp allows you to preview how the effect works out in your videos. Therefore, you can adjust the duration and time the effect valid. The preview window is available all the time.

Change and set up video quality

Users can adjust the video resolution and size. Therefore, you can set up the resolution compatible with different platforms. You can render the videos in different quality for viewers with connection trouble.

Commercial License

The commercial license allows you to edit and sell videos for clients or resell edited videos to the market. You can keep 100% profit without sharing.

VidVamp Review

How to use VidVamp

The tutorial in the app is so clear so I will quickly summarize 3 steps in this VidVamp Review:

Step1: Choose a video and import

Step2: Choose the effects, music, and resolution

Step3: Render the videos


Who should use VidVamp?

With a simple process, I think this product is a useful tool for a video editor with low skills. You don’t have to pay thousands to edit 5-second intro.

–    Affiliate marketers

–    Social media marketers

–    Bloggers

–    Local business owners

Furthermore, with a commercial license, my VidVamp Review strongly recommends it to freelancer to make thousands of bucks with it:

–    Designers

–    Local consultants

–    Freelancers

Apart frоm the main prоduct, yоu may get bоnuses frоm the authоr, if yоu buy during the intrоductоry time:

Pros and Cons


–    Easy to use, no skills required

–    Provide designing library

–    Access to mastermind community

–    Lightweight software to render videos

–    Commercial license


Not any

Price and Evaluation

The price of VidVamp is now $37. This is an affordable price. Fortunately, I have good news: you may benefit from the coupon offered in the sales page. But you have to act quickly because the number is limited.

Day #1 (Early Birds): 60% ; coupon code: vv60off – price after coupon: $27.6

Day #2: 59% ; coupon code: vv59off – price after coupon: $28.29

Day #3: 58% ; coupon code: vv58off – price after coupon: $28.98

Day #4: 57% ; coupon code: vv57off – price after coupon: $29.67

Day #5: 56% ; coupon code: vv56off – price after coupon: $30.36

Day #6 (closing day): 55% ; coupon code: vv55off – price after coupon: $31.05

After launch ends final coupon expire so price will be full $69.

VidVamp Review


In summary, I think it’s a great software because it has a valid point in optimizing your videos. While thousands of marketers upload their videos, yours can be swallowed if you have no difference.

Moreover, VidVamp also allows you to export the videos with various resolution and size. You can optimize and target your leads. For example, you can adjust the video with suitable width and heights, frame and resolution for mobile users.

Your videos will be friendlier to users and have higher ranks in searching result page. This means you have a better SEO and more organic views. The money you spend on paid ads is minimized.

Lastly, thank for checking my VidVamp Review. Share with me your opinions about this product by commenting below!

VidVamp Review



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VidVamp Review
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